Humanitarian Charity Shows That Going Remote Can Save Even More Lives This Ramadan


Manchester Charity Human Appeal has embraced the technological change brought about by the pandemic, and used it to better the lives of those who are suffering the most.

From being founded by students in a flat in Manchester in 1991, to operating in 24 countries with a multi-million-pound turnover, Human Appeal has seen its fair share of change over the years.

Like most other charities, Human Appeal’s 170 UK employees and their 100+ overseas counterparts were thrown into working from home when the pandemic hit. Along with that came the challenges of facing down increased security threats, keeping information flowing freely throughout the organisation, and most importantly, ensuring aid continued to reach those in need.

Working with Microsoft partner Valto, Human Appeal began beefing up its security processes in 2019. Top quality email attachment scanning, conditional access controls, and remote device management were all implemented as barriers to the security issues that the organisation once faced, reducing malicious attacks by 90%.

At the same time, Human Appeal moved all documentation over to Sharepoint and Teams, meaning that by the time the pandemic hit the UK, they were more than ready to go remote and focus on saving lives.

One year on and now into their second ‘online’ Ramadan, the impact of this transformation has been a more effective charity, that has helped even more vulnerable people around the world at the time they need it most.

Ihsan Aljafri, Human Appeal’s Head of Systems and Development said:

“The measures we took with the help of Microsoft meant that staff both in the UK and around the world were even more contactable and secure than ever before. Teams especially meant that we were better-coordinated and able to act fast to save lives.

“Having better digital security measures in place too has meant that our staff can worry less about malicious hackers, and more about how we’re going to better the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people.

“This Ramadan, we’re asking people to be the change they want to see, showing them that change starts here. With the changes we’ve made at Human Appeal, we’re leading by example.”

You can read more about how Human Appeal has transformed the way it works and how it’s helped them to transform lives at:

Members of Human Appeal staff and volunteers are available for interview and further comment. For this or any other enquiries, please contact Sam Baxter on 07495 708236.

Human Appeal is a humanitarian relief charity, established in a flat in Manchester in 1991 and now active in 24 countries. We carry out emergency relief campaigns in response to man-made and natural disasters, as well as long-term sustainable development projects designed to lift people out of poverty and create resilient communities.