Idealz Becomes First Commercial Entity to Fully Integrate into Dubai Economy’s Recently Launched Dubai Raffles Platform


Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Raffles, the first-of-its-kind digital platform launched by Dubai Economy earlier this year, to fully manage raffle draws along with all other types of promotions, has seen its first successful integration by Idealz, the customer rewarding e-commerce store known for its frequent grand prize giveaways. This innovative and integrated platform overhauled the old way of conducting prize draws by eliminating the need for printed coupons, stepping in as a solution for retailers looking for a system to run campaigns. After several months of preparation and fine-tuning the platform to be user-friendly for both retailers and consumers, the first successful live campaign integrated with Dubai Raffles was held on Idealz. Following the integration, the campaign was successfully concluded through the electronic link feature of Dubai Raffles and a winner was announced.

Launched as a way to complement the Dubai Paperless Strategy along with the country’s precautionary measures in place against COVID-19, the platform was built with all the necessary tools and features that allow for draws to be supervised, managed, and conducted electronically with no paper coupons or contact required.

The digital platform was designed and developed for seamless integration by retailers and merchants to Dubai Raffles, the platform then produces electronic coupons for these companies to conduct their campaigns without the need for Dubai Economy inspectors to be physically present at locations to monitor raffle draws. Not only does this create ease for companies and their promotions, but it also increases consumer confidence in companies, transparency, and trust in draws and campaigns across the emirate. Dubai Economy affirms that Dubai Raffles seeks to meet the needs of every one of its retailers and facilitates the customer journey in line with the directions of the Dubai Government. 

Mohammed Ali Rashed Lootah, CEO of CCCP, commented: “Dubai Raffles is a transparent and convenient window through which Dubai Economy seeks to address the needs of merchants and facilitate the customer journey. Raffles and promotions are an integral part of shopping in Dubai and to have them conducted electronically enhances the unique customer experience we strive to provide. Dubai Raffles is also fully aligned to the strategic goals of the Government of Dubai to enhance ease of doing business and promote customer happiness.”

Jad Toubayly, Founder and CEO of Idealz, shares, “Myself and the entire team at Idealz are honored by this opportunity to work closely with Dubai Economy on such a long-awaited project. Not only is Dubai Raffles an incredible platform that facilitates the management of prize campaigns in an efficient and green way, but it also helps promote consumer trust and confidence in such campaigns.” 

Dubai Raffles is now available for merchants and retailers to integrate with their systems in order to carry out draws. Consumers too can visit or use the Dubai Raffles smart application available on the Apple Store or Google Play to keep track of the draws or promotional campaigns they are entered into. 

About Idealz:

Idealz is an online store that has reimagined the shopping experience. Shopping through Idealz gives every shopper the chance to win a wide range of luxury prizes from five campaign categories: cars, watches, cash & gold, electronics and lifestyle. Every product purchase results in a complimentary coupon into the prize draw within the selected category, and each product within a campaign is limited to a set quantity as are its prize coupons.

However, shopping on Idealz is more than your typical add-to-cart and pay experience. At checkout, customers are given the option to donate their purchased products to charity. Not only does this benefit Idealz’ charitable cause, it also rewards the shopper with yet another complimentary coupon into the prize draw! What does Idealz get out of all this? Idealz creates value for both its customers and those less fortunate around the world.