IDEMIA launches a new generation of MorphoWaveTM contactless fingerprint terminals


IDEMIA launches two new biometric terminals succeeding the award-winning generation of MorphoWaveTM Compact.

In the context of a global health crisis, implementing contactless authentication terminals is now crucial in many public and private spaces; allowing a faster, more secure, and barrier-free biometric authentication.

In 2022, two new versions will be for worldwide deployment: 

Ÿ  MorphoWaveTM XP X-tended Performance provides a 20% increase in performance compared with the previous generation, itself recognized as one of the best in the world in the latest NIST rankings. It accommodates demanding deployments with up to 60 users per minute and up to 100,000 user records. Its large color display is ideal for brand customization and user interaction as well as time and attendance management use cases.

Ÿ  MorphoWaveTM SP Simplified Profile, offers all the essence of MorphoWave to make IDEMIA space security solutions accessible to a larger number of players: smaller installations and companies with less demanding requirements with up to 40 users per minute and up to 10,000 user records.

Both versions leverage the “plug & play” features of Compact, including software integrations with 20 leading access control platforms as well as physical integrations with leading gates/turnstiles manufacturers to enable simpler and more cost-effective deployments.

“These two new products incorporate the most advanced biometric algorithms we have ever created, continuing the tradition of our award-winning solutions in the market. We are the only manufacturer of physical access control terminals to undergo such rigorous testing, demonstrating the reliability of our solutions. We will continue to invest in research for greater accuracy and security”, declared Yves Portalier, Executive VP Biometric Devices at IDEMIA. 

MorphoWave SP and XP will be presented at the IDEMIA booth (S2-G32) during the Intersec 2022 tradeshow in Dubai from January 16 to 18, and will be commercially available in the course of January through our usual IDEMIA partners network.


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