IDRAAC encourages people to take on their mental and physical health into their own hands in the “Body and Mind” event


iidsBeirut, Lebanon: On September 4th, IDRAAC- the NGO for mental health support held an event at Mike Sport´s The Gym- Zalka; to encourage people of all ages to endorse on physical activities and enhance their mental and physical health state.

The event “Body and Mind” as the name suggests, started at 10:00 am for a full day of physical activities with professional trainers provided by The Gym. The program included Yoga and Pilates classes as well as many others (capoeira, lambaerobica, …), a healthy lunch by Zaatar w Zeit and interesting topics by Dr. Georges Karam- adult and geriatric psychiatrist and senior member of IDRAAC. This event aimed at increasing awareness about mental health issues, hormonal imbalances causing anxiety- depression – OCD, etc…  and at raising awareness on the fact that people are a whole entity and their physical and mental states are interconnected.

Silver sponsors such as Rifai and First Nutrition, media partners such as Beiruting and Radio Delta Fm, along with the support of Aquafina, Lipton Ice Tea, Zaatar w Zeit and Beirut by Bike gave “Body and Mind” a good boost and name recognition. Also, Beirut by Bike offered ride vouchers for all attendees.

The fun and interactive day left everyone feeling fresh and positive. IDRAAC has the pleasure to announce the recurrence of this event over the year, which will surely be attractive to many persons.

As the famous Arabian proverb states: He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.


IDRAAC is a mental health research center that helps adults, elderlies, youngsters and refugees improve their mental state, give them emotional support and defy social taboos; all through a team of experts and practitioners.

You can follow us on social media and find us at St Georges Hospital- Achrafieh for consultation and assessment.