Impossible Foods Launches Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants in the UAE


The delicious, nutrient-packed chicken nuggets are the perfect option for families and children looking for a convenient and tasty option.


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — Today, California-based Impossible Foods is launching its popular chicken nuggets product, Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets Made From Plants, in select UAE venues and theme parks across the country, including Warner Bros World, JJs Chicken and others.

Families with children know that a nutritious option that kids love is hard to come by, and Impossible’s new nuggets are an easy and accessible plant-based option that are tasty yet nutrient-packed, and friendly for even the pickiest eaters. These nuggets have a crispy breading, a tender, juicy bite and offer 12g protein per 100g serving, no cholesterol, and 40% less saturated fat and 25% less sodium than animal chicken nuggets1, all with no animal hormones or antibiotics. 

“Our chicken nuggets are an extremely accessible product for consumers who might not be familiar with Impossible or plant-based meat in general,” said Ramona Brunner, Director of Sales Middle East. “They’re so convenient, delicious and competitive with the animal version that they serve as a great entry-point to our brand. We’re excited to be able to introduce a new product category to folks who already know us, and hopefully pick up some new fans along the way.” 

After launching in US restaurants in 2021, Impossible™ Chicken Nuggets quickly became one of the company’s most popular products, outperforming a leading brand of animal chicken nuggets 3-to-1 in a blind consumer test and ranking superior in flavor, texture, and overall appearance2. They’re also better for the planet than animal chicken nuggets, using 37% less water, generating 35% less GHG emissions, and using 48% less land when compared to chicken nuggets from an animal3.


Impossible Chicken Nuggets are now available at more than a dozen locations across the UAE, including Warner Bros World, Yas WaterWorld, Ferrari World, Bounce Middle East, and restaurants like Abu Dhabi’s homegrown plant-based restaurant Nabati and Dubai favourite JJs Chicken. 

Prices for the chicken nuggets range from AED 21 to AED 65, depending on the location. The nuggets are typically offered with a dip of choice, fries and a drink making them an easy meal perfect for a convenient option for families on the move or enjoying the parks and amenities. The new nuggets are also available to enjoy for delivery and dine-in when ordering from Nabati in Abu Dhabi and JJ’s Chicken in Dubai. 

Impossible Foods products can be found in more than 170 foodservice locations across the UAE. Customers can visit the locator map on the Impossible Foods website to find a venue or restaurant near them. 

About Impossible Foods:

Impossible Foods is on a mission to positively impact people and the planet by making delicious, nutritious meat from plants with a fraction of the environmental footprint of meat from animals. The privately-held food company was founded in 2011 to combat climate change by taking a scientific approach to making the world’s best meat — from plants. Every nugget, burger, and patty we sell uses less land and water and generates less greenhouse gas emissions compared to the animal version. We make plant-based chicken, beef, and pork products for every meal — breakfast, lunch and dinner — with a goal of replicating the flavors, textures, and cooking characteristics that meat eaters crave.

Impossible Foods products are designed in California, produced in California and the Midwest, and are available in the United States, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Macau, New Zealand, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.