Increasing Inflow of Tourists and Augmenting Demand for Indoor Theme Parks is Boosting KSA Theme Park Market: Ken Research


Increasing number of tourists arriving in Saudi Arabia, rising youth population of the country, expanding female customer base and growing demand for indoor games are the major factors which are expected to fuel Saudi Arabia Theme Parks Market in future

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With the rise in tourists arriving in Saudi Arabia, the demand for theme parks services has increased over the recent past. It has been observed that tourists constitute the major share of revenue to the theme parks market of the Kingdom. The total number of tourists arriving in Saudi Arabia inclined typically due to the efforts of tourism industry by way of effective advertising campaigns to make Saudi Arabia a well established tourist destination. This has driven the overall theme parks market in a positive way. Increasing number of hotels along with the expansion of hospitality industry with reduced room rate has positively impacted the tourism sector in the country. Holiday packages available at cheap prices further added to the number of tourists visiting Saudi Arabia, thereby leading to an increased demand for theme parks in the country.

Additionally, the theme parks market of Saudi Arabia has witnessed an increase in the number of indoor parks catering to the population of the country. This trend has led to the growth of overall market in the country as admission tickets to most of the indoor parks are inclusive of games and therefore, park operators can thus charge higher prices for entrance to theme parks. Apart from the already existing theme parks which are expanding in terms of games and small mechanical rides to match the growing craze of people towards entertainment centers; new theme parks have also been set up in Saudi Arabia in 2016. The recent opening of first indoor snow theme park in Riyadh in 2016 has added to the prevailing trend of increased number of indoor parks in the country and more people in the customer base of players operating in the theme park market.

As per a Research report titled “Saudi Arabia Theme Park Market Outlook to 2021 – Increasing Inflow of Tourists and Augmenting Demand for Indoor Theme Parks to Foster Future Growth” by Ken Research, a rapid growth in Saudi Arabia theme parks market is suggested which will be majorly driven by expanding tourism in the country. Technological advancements and rising craze of domestic population towards indoor theme parks of the country is attracting large number of visitors, generating high revenue for the market.