Infinite joins Middle East Council of Shopping Centres


Infinite – IT Solutions has become a member of the Middle East Council of Shopping Centres (MECSC), a vibrant community of retail professionals dedicated to promote and develop the shopping industry across the Middle East. Infinite decided to join MECSC to actively participate in this professional forum for exchange of ideas and share its technological expertise gathered while deploying integrated IT solutions for companies from retail, DIY and FMCG in the GCC.  

“MECSC is an important voice on all aspects of retail industry in the Middle East, covering relevant economic and legal issues. We are proud to become a part of this network. Infinite brings in its 15 years’ experience of delivering IT solutions in over 20 countries across 4 continents. Working close with companies from retail, DIY and FMCG sectors has helped Infinite to understand business processes from the inside out plus adjust IT solutions to the requirements of the GCC region” – Łukasz Spirała, Business Development Manager at Infinite – IT Solutions, comments.

Tracking and discussing key business variables in the retail industry is crucial to efficient decision-making. For example, let’s consider the upcoming VAT introduction and its implications on the GCC businesses – integrated IT solutions, such as Infinite E-invoice Suite, will become an important part of the transformation, ensuring smooth adjustment of companies to the new regulations and administrative processes.

Given the multifaceted structure of the retail industry in the Middle East, industry-specific IT solutions give the outlook for business process optimization. By deploying advanced business software i.e. EDI Suite for electronic exchange of trade documents, companies can streamline their resource planning, exchange transaction documents electronically, drive sales, quickly gather business-critical market data and improve e-commerce sales in the B2B channel.