INFINITI QX50: Crafted for irresistible elegance


Each car carries its own distinction and caters to an audience or a purpose, but there is one model out there that is engineered to make your life easier and a lot more fun. After all, driving is an integral part of everyday life, and given the long hours we spend inside cars, why not enhance that in-cabin experience to be bolder, better and more enjoyable overall? 

Today, with so many brands and options in the market, choosing the right car for you may be a challenge. So, how can you be sure you’ve picked the right automotive companion for you? Is there a car that packs it all into one vehicle? 

Meet the new INFINITI QX50 that was crafted with YOU in mind. 

From a cabin that was inspired by the captivating Maldives to quilted leather seats hosting contrast piping, white and blue Ultrasuede® cabin trims that are complemented by high-quality materials used to enhance the doors, the QX50 exudes a patented, premium feel that only an INFINITI can get right.

Engineered to perfection

Underneath the hood of the QX50 is a feat of engineering represented by the world’s first VC-turbo engine that took two decades to perfect and is the most advanced internal combustion engine ever created. The INFINITI QX50 is just the right blend of performance, efficiency, and handling, that adapts to your needs. The car is capable of delegating from zero to 50 percent of power to the rear wheels, and the four-wheel-drive traction and front-wheel drive efficiency are perfectly in your reach, making sure you never lose control.  

The QX50 comes equipped with the INFINITI Drive Mode Selector that lets you adjust the performance with under four modes and alter the engine output, accelerator response, gear shifts, and steering response with the touch of a button. Easing the way in which you drive and adding to your overall experience, every day, every time. You are spoilt for choice with Standard, Eco, Sport, and Personal modes. 

Tech-forward as always

The INFINITI heads-up display is the perfect little pop-up of key information on the lower windshield that keeps drivers abreast of safety, navigation, and the most important of alerts, speed. But how much fun could a drive be without music? INFINITI has you covered there, too. The 16-speaker Bose® Performance Series Audio system comes equipped with Advanced Staging Technology, which simply means that you will be traveling with an all-professional setup that, coupled with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, gives you access to your very own mini-concert while commuting to work or road tripping with the family.

It’s luxury inside out: 

Because we all want to step into our car and experience luxury and step out to admire luxury, The INFINITI QX50 does not fail to amaze in this category. Conceived with handmade and hand-selected quality materials, the car puts you at the center of its universe by offering you 1,842.3 liters of cargo space in addition to backseat space for reclining adjustments as well as child-safety anchors, along with ample legroom. The QX50 houses exterior and profiled definition, with a wider stance and cabin-forward outline. 

However, being utmost in style doesn’t mean the aspect of comfort and safety is paid any less attention. The QX50 promises a comfortable drive with responsive handling and balance. Its low density ensures improved driver control and enhances passenger protection. Set your speed and maintain or adjust your pace as you please, the car is all about you, your preferences and about reflecting your vibe. It also adapts to the traffic flow with features such as Distance Control Assist, which, as the name suggests, assists you in high-traffic periods to maintain distances from other vehicles. It’s your literal support system. 

Designed, engineered, and finished to complement human capabilities and extend your potential, everything about the QX50 is built to make every drive a memorable one. 

Stylish inside-out, this is your companion for an ideal 2021. 

About Arabian Automobiles Company:

Arabian Automobiles Company (AAC) is the flagship company of AW Rostamani Group. With 50 years in the business, AAC is one of the leading automotive dealers in the GCC and exclusive distributor for Nissan, INFINITI and Renault vehicles in Dubai and the Northern Emirates. Arabian Automobiles is looking back on 50 years of excellence and passion, and forging ahead with its vision to enrich customer lives and remain the trusted automotive brand of choice.

Arabian Automobiles became the first automotive company in the UAE to be awarded the prestigious ‘Dubai Quality Gold Award’ by Dubai Economy in May 2017. In the same year, INFINITI won ‘Best Performing Brand’ in the automotive category of the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme; an accolade previously won by Nissan in 2016 and Renault in 2015. In 2015, Arabian Automobiles received the Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum business award for most outstanding performance and in 2013 it became the first private company in the UAE to be inducted into the prestigious Palladium Balanced Scorecard Hall of Fame for strategy execution. Arabian Automobiles Company is currently the holder of Nissan Motor Company’s ‘Global Nissan Aftersales Award and is the only Nissan distributor to have won the award for ten years in a row. 

Across its Dubai and Northern Emirates network, Arabian Automobiles operates:

  • New vehicle sales showrooms: 9 Nissan, 4 INFINITI and 2 Renault 
  • 6 pre-owned car showrooms
  • Central Logistics Centre at Dubai Industrial City
  • Service centres: 10 Nissan, 4 INFINITI, and 3 Renault
  • 60 minute Express Service 
  • 9 spare parts outlets
  • Arabian Automobiles is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified.