INFINITI QX80 2021: As exquisite as it can get


Your mantra is to seize the day, you are a power player who seeks the finer things in life, and when it comes to style, nothing short of perfection will do. Perhaps you are a technology aficionado, who, when you get into the driver’s seat, wants to be surrounded by genre-defining systems. Maybe you are career- and family-oriented and are just seeking the best for the comfort and safety of your loved ones. No matter your journey, the INFINITI QX80 2021 is designed with YOU in mind.

What’s in a car?

Many people still mistakenly perceive cars as just a means of transport when they are actually an extension of your personality and a catalyst to fulfilling your needs beyond your home. But can one car satisfy the needs of a multitude of personas? 

City dwellers who commute and drive across borders opt for urban rides, adventurers seeking all that life has in store for them prioritize power and versatility in their vehicles, and those seeking beauty and luxury keep their eyes out for a car that demands attention. With a dominant profile that allows for an undeniably refined and chic edge over other models in its grade, in addition to high-end features and technologies on the inside, the QX80 caters to those who enjoy their lives a cut above the edge.

A tour de force of luxury and engineering

Blending together extreme class and luxury, the QX80 takes the best of what you know of SUVs and adds an innovative amount of intelligence through its intrinsic technology, while also ensuring your safety and those of all your passengers. 

The dual-touch screen display consists of an upper and lower touch screen display, with the former mirroring your smartphone and keeping you connected at all times with calls and calendars through the Apple CarPlay & Android Auto feature that caters to either smartphone as part of INFINITI’s smart car assistant systems to offer the driver safe access to their phone’s infotainment. The lower screen, on the other hand, features all the vital information about your car; think of it as your quick update dashboard from the comfort of your seat. If you have ever wondered what it would feel like to commandeer a starship on four wheels, INFINITI just realized that vision for you.

Immaculate safety

The host of integrated technologies that combine navigation, security, and entertainment, are made available for the benefit of all riders and the QX80’s intuitive system includes range-topping sensory grades that ensure your drive is more than just a mechanical function of transportation. 

Collision-avoidance gear within this flagship SUV, for example, includes automatic emergency braking to avoid any frontal collisions, adaptive cruise control, and active lane control that ensures the car remains leveled while turning corners. 

80 times the experience

Above all, driving is a need, but it is also a way of experiencing the freedom of movement, and what you drive can allow you to harness the boundless potential of a road; an experience that is often underestimated.

The world out there is undiscovered, and when the open roads are calling out to you, nothing will deliver on that desire like the INFINITI QX80 2021.