InsureTek Middle East 2022 International Conference Highlights the Importance of Digitization and Innovation in Insurance Industry

  • Bupa Arabia’s participation at the InsureTek Middle East 2022 Conference reinforces the company’s leading role in reshaping the insurance industry.
  • Hamideddin: Embracing digitization is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity and the pivotal requirement to keep pace with our time.

Jeddah:  The “COVID-19” pandemic reinforced the importance of digitization for the insurance and healthcare sector, especially as it is reshaping the insurance industry, and playing an important role in providing better services tailored to meet customers’ needs.

The recent InsureTek Middle East 2022 International Conference, which ran from Feb 9-10, considered to be one of the most important regional events spotlighting digitization and innovation in the insurance industry.

“Bupa Arabia’s participation at the InsureTek Middle East 2022 Conference comes as part of our continuous efforts to be active partners in the development and growth of the insurance industry in Saudi Arabia and the region as a whole,” said Alshereef Hamideddin, Marketing and Customer Experience Director at Bupa Arabia.

“InsureTek provided a unique opportunity as a platform to exchange experiences with partners in the technology and insurance sectors, thus contributing to the transformation of the insurance industry,” Hamideddin stated.

“Embracing digitization is no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity and pivotal requirement for the insurance industry to be able to provide an easy journey for our customers. Enhancing the customer experience will always be a priority for us moving forward,” Hamideddin said.

He additionally added: “The future of the insurance industry in the coming years, not only in Saudi Arabia but also in the rest of the world, will largely be shaped by the industry’s ability to leverage digital transformation and AI solutions to improve customer experience.”

Hamideddin said that the continuity of insurance companies and their survival in the sector has become largely dependent on how they provide services and solutions to customers and by improving customers’ personal experiences. “This requires the implementation of comprehensive digital transformation strategies in the insurance industry,” he added.

It is worth noting that Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance was one of the first companies in the Saudi insurance industry to establish an entire department for digital transformation in 2018 with the aim of developing digital services and innovative solutions.

More recently, Bupa Arabia launched its new “Telehealth” platform, which directly connects major healthcare providers with its members, providing a seamless customer experience.

About Bupa Arabia:

Bupa Arabia was founded in 1997 as a joint venture between Nazer group and Bupa. It became publically listed company in 2008 with the most successful IPO in industry. Bupa Arabia is considered part of the Bupa Global network. The company delivers health cooperative insurance with international standards for individuals, families and the largest companies and establishments in the Kingdom. It also has a large network of care providers adding up to 1.2 million entities across 190 countries. Bupa Arabia is considered more than just a traditional health insurance company as it provides the most innovative healthcare services through its Tebtom program and insures an exceptional hospital experience through its Rahatkom program.

Bupa Arabia is characterized by a work environment that stimulates innovation and productivity

– a reputation further enhanced by several awards and industry recognitions. It is also considered one of the leading companies in women enablement and attracting Saudi Arabian youth, achieving over 70% Saudization rate.