Integrate ME to discuss the significance of cutting-edge AV solutions in boosting the growth of the smart building market


Market for smart buildings is expected to reach USD 232.23 billion by 2032 with Pro AV facilitating building automation


Integrate Middle East, a significant new learning and networking event for the entire Pro Audio Visual (AV) integration value chain, is set to emphasise the significance and latest impacts of the Pro AV industry in the global smart building market, which is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.3 per cent from 2023 to reach around USD 232.23 billion by 2032. 

The Smart Building market is undergoing a rapid transformation due to the increasing demand for energy-efficient and cost-effective solutions. Pro AV solutions are playing a significant role in this transformation by providing cutting-edge technologies that enable smart buildings to be more connected and efficient.

Estimated at USD 81.19 billion in 2022, the expansion of the global smart building market has been driven by factors including a growing demand for energy saving features and the expanding use of Internet of Things (IoT) and Pro AV technologies.

The utilisation of Pro AV technologies represents one of the primary elements facilitating building automation in smart buildings. Advanced Pro AV systems and solutions have paved way for building managers to streamline and improve building operations as well as minimise energy waste by obtaining real-time information on occupants, energy usage, and equipment status.

This collection and analysis of data are one of the most significant aspects of smart buildings. Building analytics – data analytics gleaned from smart building technologies such as networked sensors, building management systems (BMSs), integrated workplace management systems (IWMSs) and Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices – have become increasingly important in shaping the future of the smart building market as they can be used to increase efficiency, develop smarter equipment maintenance protocols, create a healthier building environment, and save resources and time.

Integrate Middle East aims to explore and highlight these emerging and more established Pro AV technologies that are transforming the smart building industry and optimising the way buildings are managed.

The three-day exhibition and summit will provide an excellent platform for exhibitors from the Pro AV industry to showcase their latest technology innovations and comprehensive solutions that are leading the way in the Smart Buildings sector. 

Ragheed Haydar, Area Manager – Middle East at Lightware Visual Engineering, said: “We are excited to present our latest technology innovations and comprehensive solutions at the debut edition of Integrate Middle East. During the event, our team will highlight key concepts, features, and benefits of our state-of-the-art AV signal management solutions, which are designed to serve every application, requirement, and budget. We expect the event to offer a dynamic platform to further explore the needs of the industry in the region.”

As the UAE prepares to host Cop 28 in November 2023 and emphasises the importance of robust ESG strategies, there is a growing need to leverage smart technology. This presents a unique opportunity to improve building management practices, enhance sustainability efforts, and drive innovation in the industry.

Michael Bosworth, Executive Vice President, Enterprise, at Christie, added: “We are thrilled to exhibit our end-to-end visual solutions of projection, flat panels, and content management which transform spaces to provide dynamic experiences, at Integrate Middle East. We deliver comprehensive and integrated solutions for installations including lobbies, meeting rooms, and auditoriums using our expertise in AV technologies. Working with our partners, we can assist building managers and owners in developing more effective and welcoming spaces.” 

According to a report by MarketsandMarkets, the digital signage market in smart buildings is expected to grow from $6.1 billion in 2018 to $13.2 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 16.7 per cent as data generated by smart buildings can be of great relevance in ‘narrowcasting’ to the building’s users.

Once audio-visual integrators have determined which digital displays are most suitable for the needs of employees and the building itself, the data collected from smart buildings will become an integral part of the workplace environment. People can view the data on digital displays throughout the office, which creates more interactive experiences for building occupants by displaying wayfinding information, personalised messages, and social media feeds.  As a result, staff will be cognisant of what’s happening behind closed doors and have a more significant amount of environmental awareness.

The role of digital signage and other cutting-edge Pro AV solutions in addressing environmental issues will be also discussed at the Integrate Middle East through a keynote