Interview with ALPHA Team winner of the Free Fire Arab League (FFAL) season 6 and representative of the Middle East and North Africa at the Free Fire World Series (FFWS 2022) Bangkok

Interview with ALPHA Team winner of the Free Fire Arab League (FFAL) season 6 and representative of the Middle East and North Africa at the Free Fire World Series (FFWS 2022) Bangkok
1. How did your journey in the world of E-Sports begin?
Our journey started from childhood, like all Arab youth, because of our passion for electronic games and enjoying them in our spare time. As for the professional level, it started in early 2018.
2. What are the criteria that gamers of electronic games must meet in order to become a professional gamer?
The player must have a team spirit and collective play, have self-confidence to the maximum extent, enjoy the honorable sportsmanship and competitive spirit, and also have a quick reaction and intelligence in dealing with the problems that will be encountered while playing matches, and the most important thing is that he must be disciplined in drills.
3. How do you see the E-Sports industry in the Middle East and its future in general? What does the electronic games industry need in order to gain the required spread?
There is a very rapid and remarkable development in the E-sports scene in general in the Middle East, and it will be of great importance in the near future, given the Arab public’s eagerness and passion for these types of sports.
As for the electronic games industry, it needs something very important, which is support from the governments of Arab countries in order to gain the required spread, as well as raising awareness about the benefits and methods of electronic sports, just like any other sport. It does not need the specifications of a super player, but the specifications of its players are similar to any player. Another athlete.
4. In your opinion, what are the ways in which young people can be encouraged to practice electronic sports? What skills do you acquire as a result of your practice of electronic sports?
One of the most important ways is to pay more attention to the field of electronic sports through the ministries of education in the region, by working to organize tournaments in schools and universities, and to educate about electronic sports in general, and in particular Free Fire, so the Free Fire game provided a lot to us, and through In Free Fire, we can acquire many skills and qualities, including improving mental and mental abilities, developing the decision-making part, showing sportsmanship, team play, and making friends from all over the world.
5. How would you describe winning the Arab League title for Free Fire Season 6? How do you see your representation of the Middle East and North Africa in the finals of the Free Fire Championship? What are the challenges they faced?
Certainly, a description that we cannot express. We feel a sense of great pride and pride, and this is a result of our continuous training and discipline in order to reach the agreed goal, which is to reach the finals and be crowned with the title of Arab Champions.
We also provided everything we had to do despite the challenges we faced, represented in the failure of key players with great experience, which greatly affected us on our squad, but we will take our participation in that version as a lesson for us to learn from our mistakes, and we are now training Well for the next tournament.
6. How would you rate your journey during the Free Fire World Championship (FFWS 2022) Bangkok and who are the main competitors? What do you think of this version of the FFWS 2022 Championship in Bangkok in terms of organization and coordination?
Our experience was good, but we want more training and this was expected due to the intense competition between the teams and each other, and among the most prominent competitors are the 11 teams that reached the finals directly, all of them were very strong, and as usual Free Fire and Garena when you organize a tournament they organize well and very wonderful, as we were provided with all the means required.
7. What is the difference between the Free Fire Arab League and the Free Fire World Championship (FFWS 2022)?
There are differences, but they are not essential. The two tournaments contain the same atmosphere of competition and intense competition between the teams, but from our point of view, the competition in the Arab League is much fiercer due to the close level between the teams and each other, and all teams do their utmost to win the honor. Representing the Middle East and North Africa region in the Free Fire World Championship.
8. What distinguishes the community of Free Fire players in the Middle East from your point of view?
The thing that most distinguishes Free Fire players in the Middle East is the focus during the game and the team spirit that the players have, in addition to the intelligence and quick wit in making decisions during the competition, and this is what distinguishes some of the best electronic sports players.
9. What aspects of support does Free Fire provide to players in different tournaments?
Organizing tournaments periodically, providing a competitive sports environment, in addition to supporting in-game items for the required training.
10. How do you evaluate the level of the team since your first tournament in the Free Fire tournaments until you reached the World Championship? Do you think you have reached the level you aspire to? Or is there still much room for improvement?
Our assessment of the level of the team from our inception until now is good, but we need more training and continuous work, and this is what we are working on during the coming period, and our ambition will never stop even if we win the world champions title, because we are primarily and foremost athletes, and permanent success is what we seek. any time.
11. What is your message that you would like to direct to companies and to the Arab players community?
Our message that we would like to direct to the companies and the community of Arab gamers is that they must develop and work more than that, and for us as an Arab community we are far from the level of international countries in the field of electronic sports, tournaments, sponsors and everything related to this field.
12. What are your ambitions and aspirations during the coming period?
Our ambitions during the coming period are to continue working and training hard until we become world champions like the rest of the teams.