Introducing 800 GROW: Connecting Businesses with the Right Companies


The new referral service powered by BNI New Dubai connects companies with businesses  specifically selected to meet their unique needs.

Businesses searching for reliable companies in the UAE and around the world now have a new resource, thanks to BNI New Dubai. The leading business networking and referral organisation recently launched 800 GROW, a toll-free number anyone can call to be connected to businesses offering the products and services that can help transform their businesses

Anyone who calls 800 GROW will speak with a human operator at BNI New Dubai’s business office who will ask them about their specific requirements and screen inquiries to better assist businesses with their needs. The 800 GROW team can then recommend trusted companies from the BNI organisation’s global network. Callers can then be directly connected to businesses that are ready to serve their needs.

The toll-free number is also an excellent way for businesses to tap into a pool of qualified potential customers who are actively looking for their products and services. Membership in the 800 GROW directory is limited to BNI New Dubai members, which helps ensure consumers are connected to businesses that have been reviewed and vetted by the world’s most successful networking and referral organisation. Members will also benefit from the wider support provided by the BNI New Dubai office, which will also offer companies networking resources and opportunities.

Reflecting on 800 GROW’s potential to help companies, Satyen Babla, Executive Director of BNI New Dubai, said, “The BNI New Dubai office is excited to launch this one-of-a-kind service for businesses across the UAE and around the world. When someone calls 800 GROW, they can feel reassured that they are tapping into a global network of companies which have proven they care about providing the best products and services to their customers. Callers will also speak to a member of our team who can help them analyse and understand their requirements so that they can be matched with the best option for their unique needs.” 

Satyen also noted that 800 GROW offers companies the chance to expand their business, “We envision 800 GROW as a referral machine for our BNI members who can connect with a wider range of customers through the service.  This service will facilitate closer acquaintance between the regional office and its members, enabling the members to gain a better understanding of the requirements and demands of the market.

BNI is the world’s largest networking organisation and has 21 chapters with close to 1000 members in the UAE. BNI New Dubai is the network’s latest offering helping to connect businesses in the city’s rapidly developing and up-and-coming residential and commercial districts.

About BNI New Dubai:

Business Network International (BNI) is the world’s largest referral organisation.  BNI New Dubai is a region within BNI UAE which comprises close to 200 BNI members operating in the New Dubai area.  The sub franchise is run by Executive Director Satyen Babla alongside Regional Support Consultant Reim El Houni.  Satyen Babla himself a former member for over 8 years and Reim El Houni a former member of over 10 years as well as a Director Consultant for 8 years. 


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