Introducing exclusive lunch and dinner subscription meal plan, Meals On Me


MOM delivers 30 wholesome and delicious choices every day on a subscription basis offering flexible, convenient and affordable meals to be enjoyed at home or at work 

Meals On Me (MOM), offers customers a smart and convenient selection of lunch or dinner options so they never have to worry about what to eat. Operating as a subscription model, the lunch and dinner plan provider has something for every mood and taste; from wholesome dishes to Keto, to vegan/vegetarian offerings. While also covering all the nation’s favourite cuisines such as; Arabic, Indian and international dishes. MOM provides options that are affordable, convenient, and prepared fresh daily. 

Their appetising yet light lunch and dinner plans are specially designed for those who lead busy lifestyles and need convenient meals to grab on the go. The ‘new week, new menu’ option adds a variety to plans on offer allowing clients to choose from 30+ dishes daily, eliminating food monotony. The Flex Plan is designed for those who want to enjoy meals from all the offered cuisines. While the Top Sellers Plan, lets customers enjoy the delicacies that have been ordered the most on the platform.

Meals On Me customers can order meals that add energy and zest a day in advance, ready to grab and go in their fridges. Made with fresh ingredients and minimal oil keep lethargy away ensuring you don’t feel tired after eating any MOM meals. All dishes are prepared with care and health in mind, through baking, grilling, steaming and braising, and all meals are slow-cooked to keep the nutrition and flavours intact.

The weekly menu consists of Keto, Vegan/Vegetarian, Wholesome, International, Arabic, Indian, Flex, and Top Seller’s options. 

  • Keto – Get the best of adequate-fat, high-protein, and low-carb meals
  • Vegan/Vegetarian – Delicious meals offering nutrient-dense plant-based food and a combination of plant & dairy products. | Vegan options: Nutrient-dense plant-based meals that fuel good health
  • Wholesome – Specially crafted meals high on protein and antioxidants that are a treat for your taste buds
  • International – Features famous hand-picked meals from around the world. Offers distinct & varied flavours of multiple cuisines & cultures
  • Arabic – Offers nourishing meals from regional cuisines made with local spices and ingredients distinctive to the Arab world
  • Indian – Best subcontinent cuisine offering vibrant low-fat dishes picked from India made with authentic Indian spices & traditional cooking methods
  • Flex – This plan allows customers to blend all 6 cuisines into 1
  • Top Sellers – This plan lets you eat the most ordered dishes only! Each of these delicacies has earned its spot in our ‘most popular’ segment by our customers!

About Meals On Me

Meals On Me was founded in 2018 with a vision to make wholesome food readily available to those who struggle for choice in the office or at home. Since then, they have been adding ease and health to the lives of their customers with fresh and delicious Lunch & Dinner plans. They have served 70 nationalities and cater to 1000+ customers daily.

Their flavorful and light Lunch and Dinner Plans are perfect for corporates, busy professionals, students, homemakers and entrepreneurs. At Meals On Me, they constantly innovate to keep their customers happy in a convenient way! MOM offers nutrient-rich meals that taste great and help their customers save time while still eating a balanced diet.