Iraqi fitness coach, Rachael Sacerdoti, launches It’s SO Simple’ in the UAE after losing 30 kilos

Rachael Sacerdoti, Founder of It’s SO Simple

Dubai, UAE: It’s SO Simple, a new online programme to help busy women start and sustain a fitness routine is now available in the UAE. Designed to maximise the potential of a short amount of exercise from the comfort of your pocket, the programme is easy to use whenever and wherever as long as there is WI-FI. It features online exercises, nutritional meal plans, progress tracking, personal consultation, and a WhatsApp group. 

Iraqi fitness coach, Rachael Sacerdoti, founded It’s SO Simple during the pandemic last year. The programme is based on her own fitness journey, combined with a wealth of knowledge gained across the fields of nutrition, fitness, and passion to help. The concept relies on two fundamental ideas – consuming less calories than you burn whilst increasing muscle mass – over the course of 12 weeks.

Rachael said, “After so many years of trying every fad diet under the sun and having worked with numerous trainers, I didn’t achieve my goal until I discovered the tools and techniques, which we now use in the programme. My transformation led to a number of friends asking for my help and this has grown to more than 150 women across the world now using It’s SO Simple.”

She continued, “As we now live in a world full of uncertainties, the programme also takes reliance off from physical encounters, making it more convenient for those who are not yet comfortable to go out.”

Through It’s SO Simple, women get to support women. Rachael continues, “I cannot take credit for the overall success the women in our community have achieved. Education is one thing but it needs to be complemented with a strong sense of accountability. And that is what our community is about. We do not only learn from one another about developing healthy attitude towards food, eating and exercise but we help each other to achieve our goals. We are excited to welcome women from the UAE to our support group and go through a sustainable fitness routine together.” 

As part of the programme, participants are treated with easy-to-make recipes that the whole family can enjoy. To make it as straightforward as possible, Rachael provides a grocery shopping list with items that are available in the UAE. Some of the online exercises include routines that the whole family can try. 

About It’s SO Simple:

It’s SO Simple is a 12-week fitness programme for the mind and body featuring online exercises, nutritional meal plans, progress tracking, personal consultation, and a support group.  Founded in 2020 by UK-based fitness coach Rachael Sacerdoti, the programme focuses on calorie control and protein intake utilising online tools and techniques that encourage motivation and accountability.