Iraqi Pilgrim Saved after Severe Lung Stroke clot-buster and a ventilator brought her back to life



A medical team at Prince Abdulaziz Bin Musaed Hospital in Madina (Western Saudi Arabia) rescued an Iraqi pilgrim’s life after having a severe lung stroke.

The patient arrived at the Emergency Department (ED) on 22nd September with respiratory arrest. She received CPR, and then a team of cardiothoracic surgeons and ICU doctors followed up with the case.

Saudi Health declared that the patient arrived at the ED due to fainting, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, high-rate heartbeats, and heart failure. Immediately, doctors injected the patient with solvent and blood thinner and kept her under a ventilator.

The results of treatment were shown in less than a day; she left the ICU to prepare for a discharge order.

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