Iris media collaborates with Smart Translation


iris-media-logoAbu Dhabi: Iris Media, a leading media company, has enhanced their translation services with their new partnership with Smart Translation by offering specialized services at the best price possible. Iris Media offers services to all government and private departments for all categories of translations while keeping up with the demands of the market.

Localization: It is more than translation as it makes the content linguistically and culturally appropriate. Simultaneous Translation: it is one of the most challenging domains of translation, as it requires simultaneous interpretation. Video subtitling and voice over: the voice over talents are always ready to deliver scripts with a native accent and outstanding quality and the subtitling experts convey messages through a times script and timed audio that match the length and specific moments in the video. Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment Rental: It offers all assistance needed to rent high-quality simultaneous Interpretation equipment at reasonable costs. Iris Media can meet all the needs in terms of simultaneous interpretation headsets, transceivers, booths and other related equipment.

Iris Media is considered to be one of the fastest growing media companies of Abu Dhabi. Over the years, it has built a strong network of correspondents and media representatives within the GCC countries, the Arabian region and foreign countries and always working towards expanding the web. Dr. Jamal Al Majaida, Managing Director at Iris Media said, “We at Iris Media are always striving to expand our network and improve our services according to the demands of the markets. As we all know that the market is changing every day and the demands of people changes according, we try our best to be flexible to suit the requirement of time while attaining maximum efficiency.”

Smart Translation uses state-of-the-art technology into smart and effective linguistic solutions that shape best practices worldwide. Their mission is to establish long-term partnerships with their strategic clients and stakeholders through innovative solutions that meet all their needs in terms of linguistic services and enable them to be very efficient.

“The unique advantage of Smart Translation resides in building upon state-of-the-art technologies that ensure maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness through our Smart Translation Application. We employ the concerted efforts of large teams of highly experienced translators, editors, proofreaders, copyeditors and creative writers to offer our clients the best linguistic services to meet our clients’ needs and to exceed their expectations”, said Mr. Hani Elimam, CEO and Founder of Smart Translation.