itcan highlights role of conversion rate optimization in achieving increased online business revenue

Mansour Al Thani, CEO & Co-founder, itcan

Higher conversion rate leads to bigger sales & profits, says company

Mansour Al Thani, CEO & Co-founder, itcan

itcan, a young Dubai-based company that specializes in e-commerce performance, innovation, growth hacking campaigns, and B2B initiatives, has underscored the significance of conversion rate optimization (CRO) and other data-driven approaches for online retailers to attract more customers and grow their business.

The company, which offers optimized e-commerce marketing services designed to increase revenue and brand engagement with the right customers, emphasized CRO’s importance in the midst of the digital marketing technique’s growing popularity.

CRO is a powerful marketing tool that analyzes people’s interactions, or lack thereof, with the website in connection with the set conversion targets. By examining these data-backed activities, CRO’s end goal is to help online stores increase their conversion rate, or the ratio of website visitors converting into buyers versus the total number of users within a given period.

itcan is always on the lookout for opportunities to drive return on investment (ROI) and achieve success by utilizing comprehensive amount of relevant data. According to the company, online retailers will benefit the most if they optimize conversions because these lead to higher sales and profitability.

Mansour Althani, CEO and Co-Founder, itcan, said: “One of the business goals of online retailers should be to post high conversion rate and this starts with an exceptional website. To ensure that they have a website that meets the needs and enhances the experience of their customers, they need to know the behavior of their new visitors and existing clients once they get into the platform. CRO takes all these into account to help boost the number of people who are making purchases from the portal. It is also cost-effective because it capitalizes on traffic already coming to their website instead of paying more to gain new clients.”

“We, at itcan, believe that CRO is not just about a single test but should be a company mindset and should span the entire customer journey to improve the overall customer experience. When performed correctly, CRO can lead to deeper understanding of customers and their behavior. The higher the conversion rate, the better the ROI,” concluded itcan’s CEO and Co-Founder.

About itcan:

itcan e-commerce performance marketing agency is a young company that specializes in innovative performance and growth marketing services, mobile and web development solutions, growth hacking digital marketing campaigns, end-to-end e-commerce solutions and services, and B2B initiatives. Established in 2015 in Dubai, itcan is renowned for its proven track record of providing integrated digital marketing, e-commerce performance marketing and mobile app development services to top regional and global brands seeking to achieve significant business growth. With a team of dynamic industry professionals, the agency makes sure that its clients stay ahead of the competition by offering strategic consultancy, research, planning, implementation and execution, and all-encompassing support services. itcan, which also runs an office in Saudi Arabia, helps businesses flourish, adapt, achieve performance growth, and meet their revenue targets in an IT-focused and digitally disruptive era.