JGroup, Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv Announce Renewal of Media Representation Contract for Five Years


Multi-year agreement aims at maintaining industry leadership of all brands

Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup

Dubai, United Arab Emirates: JGroup, a Lebanon-based holding company with a vast portfolio of subsidiaries and investments across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and United States, today announced the renewal of their media representation contract with Iraqi satellite TV, Alsumaria and its subsidiaries Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv. The contract is renewed for five more years. 

The five-year renewal marks a milestone in the longstanding relationship of JGroup and Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv. The renewed partnership will see JGroup represent Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv exclusively in the region, serving millions of viewers and an expanding advertiser base. The partnership will also explore new avenues of revenue for advertisers as well as introduce innovative services  and initiatives that will guide them into targeting the right audience at the right time and place. 

Alsumaria TV is one of the leading satellite networks in Iraq, with offices in the UAE, Lebanon and Jordan. Producing almost all of its 24/7 content in-house, the network broadcasts shows and programs hosted and produced by Iraqis. In addition, the network owns exclusive rights  and broadcast various movies, documentaries, musicals, children, entertainment, and sports shows. Similarly, Sumer FM is a radio station broadcasting music, entertainment, social, cultural and sports programmes. It launched in 2004 and broadcasts on 99.8 FM (Baghdad), 91.8 FM (Basra), 98.2 FM (Erbil), 92.8 FM (Sulaimaniyah), 99.9 FM (Dohuk) and 105.8 FM (Diwaniya).

Emphasizing on their partnership, Imad Jomaa, Founder and President of JGroup said “We are happy to have renewed our contract with Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv, through which we continue to serve an array of advertisers in the region. Alsumaria TV is a leading network in Iraq. The network’s popularity and viewership strengthens its position and helps retain its standing as an important advertising platform for existing advertisers as well as the ones who want to enter the Iraqi advertising and media industry. We have always been trusted advisors for our customers and Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv enables us to unlock new possibilities for them.”  

Chafic Tabet, Chairman of Alsumaria Media Group said “We are pleased to have JGroup as a part of our journey. Over the past few years we have been innovating with our programs  and news broadcast to meet the expectations of our audience and reach new prospects. To have renewed the partnership with JGroup, strengthens our business roadmap and helps us advance to achieving new business milestones.”

JGroup was established in 2003 and is led by serial entrepreneur, Imad Jomaa. The conglomerate was built with an aim to connect businesses and people with new opportunities and possibilities. By renewing the partnership with Alsumaria TV, Sumer FM and Alsumaria.tv, JGroup continues to provide advertisers inroads into the evolving Iraqi advertising and media landscape.  

About Alsumaria TV:

Alsumaria Iraqi Satellite Limited Liability is an independent Iraqi television network that was established in September 2004 and today includes a team of the foremost media professionals and the best technicians working between Iraq and Lebanon. The channel’s library includes a large number of entertainment, social and political programs that are represented, directed and produced by Iraqis. 

About JGroup:

JGROUP is a regional group founded and Headed by Imad Jomaa. It incorporates companies located throughout the Middle East, United Kingdom, and the United States. Aiming at encompassing diverse business fields, the group’s business scope involves Media, Technology, AI, BIG DATA, Advertising, Production, Printing, Sports, Real Estate Construction and Development, Health, and Beauty.