Johnson Controls Metasys 12.0 Middle East & Africa (MEA) Release Delivers a Future-ready BAS with Enhanced Security and a Clear Path to Modernization


Heightening IT security & Integration with BACnet/SC compliance, New Release to Optimize Efficiency, Build performance and Support sustainability

Dubai: Johnson Controls, the global leader for smart, healthy and sustainable buildings, has announced a new update to Metasys, the company’s industry-leading Building Automation System (BAS) that provides the foundation for fully optimized building management. Metasys’ intuitive design integrates HVAC and non-HVAC systems into one platform for maximum operator efficiency. 

The Metasys 12.0 Middle East and Africa (MEA) release is designed to enhance team productivity, reduce risk, and increase building efficiency and sustainability.

“Metasys 12.0 builds on the proven automation and ease of use our customers expect from Metasys,” said Bill Schwebel, Vice President and General Manager, Global Building Automation Systems and Controls. “Rigorously tested to ensure successful deployments and upgrades, we enhanced Metasys to streamline workflows and optimize user efficiency. We also introduced BACnet/SC compliance, which is an updated industry interoperability standard we helped design, making it simple for customers to stay up-to-date with the latest IT security requirements.”

“Johnson Controls’ solutions have been designed to make buildings smarter, more secure and systems significantly more efficient. The recent update to Metasys reflects our commitment to bring to the Middle East & Africa region next-generation technologies that will not only modernize the infrastructures, but also improve the overall performance of buildings. Metasys is part of Johnson Controls’ suite of OpenBlue Net Zero Buildings solutions, driving increased energy savings through enhanced productivity and effectiveness, which generates operational savings. We are confident that this Metasys update will help optimize flexibility, control and comfort, while saving time and money,” said Ahmad Abuothman, General Manager, Install – GCC.

Equipped with world-class interface, the Metasys 12.0 release is designed to provide enhanced cyber security and networking and help optimize system performance with its next generation hardware. In addition, the new release will speed troubleshooting, identify and resolve complaints and easily detect faults. Incorporated with industry best practices, the new release is one of the most sustainable solutions that will improve system performance and save on energy, streamline integration and enhance interoperability and help operators prioritize and better manage alarms. 

BACnet/SC Compliance and MQTT Support Enhances Networking / Improves System Security 

The Metasys 12.0 release improves system security by following the new BACnet Secure Connect (BACnet/SC) interoperability standard for current IT security protocols, helping to further secure communications among Metasys IP components. In addition, expanded FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliance, a U.S. government security standard, ensures Metasys meets current government standards.

MQ Telemetry Transport (MQTT), a standard messaging protocol for the Internet of Things (IoT), is ideal for connecting remote devices with a small code footprint and minimal network bandwidth. Metasys 12.0 offers MQTT support for next-generation network engines to easily exchange Metasys data with popular IoT platforms and applications across the system.

Next-Generation Hardware Optimizes System Performance

Metasys 12.0 introduces an expanded line of next generation equipment controllers with onboard displays and keypads, including a new remote-mountable display assembly. This enables customers and technicians to quickly troubleshoot and restore control while near mechanical equipment.

Easily Upgrade to the World-class Metasys Interface

The 12.0 release creates a compelling opportunity for existing users of Site Management Portal, the original interface first introduced in 2003, to future-proof their investment by migrating to the Metasys User Interface (UI). To support this modernization opportunity, Metasys UI now includes familiar SMP views and capabilities.

Metasys UI helps maximize efficiency and protect building investments with intuitive space-based navigation and an award-winning Cyber Health Dashboard.

New users can learn to use many basic system functions in five minutes, 96% less learning time than traditional BAS. Organized by building spaces and equipment (with both served by and serving relationships), Metasys UI requires 86% less clicks than traditional BAS, for fast access to critical data, and is optimized for mobile viewing and secure remote access. Customizable dashboards let users quickly zero in on a space or equipment and proactively address equipment issues before they affect building conditions.

In addition, Johnson Controls provides a variety of ways to help users maximize their Metasys investments, including OpenBlue Services, a suite of tailored, AI-powered services such as remote alarm monitoring and management, remote operator assistance, predictive maintenance, compliance monitoring and more.

Metasys seamlessly connects with Johnson Controls OpenBlue suite of connected solutions and operating technologies which communicate and integrate across a broad range of systems. With integration to OpenBlue Enterprise Manager, a cloud-enabled solutions which analyzes system data to identify energy efficiency and equipment improvement.  OpenBlue suite of solutions are built on a platform of traditional operational technology, existing IT systems and cloud applications infused with artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, enabling insight, integration and ultimately driving smart, healthy and sustainable buildings.   

About Johnson Controls

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