Jordanian tech company Startappz propels Saudi Lebara Mobile on the path to digital transformation


Amman: Jordanian Startappz, a leading regional technology company specializing in digital transformation and smart technologies, has formulated a set of digital solutions and services for the mobile virtual network operator “Saudi Lebara”, which constitutes part of the Lebara global trademark operating in various markets in Asia and Europe. This collaboration comes as a part of Lebara’s goal of achieving digital transformation in the Saudi mobile market and maintaining high quality service that keeps up with the latest technologies. 

Startappz stressed the importance of integrating smart apps and solutions into the fabric of telecommunications companies, especially virtual network operators to compensate for the lack of independent infrastructure. Through adopting such sophisticated solutions, mobile virtual network operators get the opportunity to boost their competitiveness in the telecommunications market, and the capability to provide faster and more efficient services to their clients.

Drawing on its vast experience and technical expertise, Jordanian Startappz provided “Saudi Lebara” with bespoke smart services and apps, adding to its flourishing record of achievements. Startappz has succeeded in building a reputation of providing outstanding digital transformation services to various companies and institutions around the world in a wide range of sectors, among which is the fiercely competitive and economically vital communications sector.

Startappz worked with Saudi Lebara to support its digital transformation through a comprehensive strategy that concentrated on web and smart app development, ecommerce store upgrade, and strengthening client loyalty and satisfaction.

The new digital services designed by Startappz enable users to carry out all the main tasks provided by Lebara, including digital number and plan selection, placing orders for sim delivery, credit check and recharge, subscription to data packages, activation and suspension of services, along with many other services and features.      

This renovation of Lebara’s electronic channels paves the way for an easier and more efficient interaction with customers. The revamped channels empower the customer to carry out all operations through auto-service, eliminating the need for visiting specific service points at set times. After downloading the app, the customer is one step away from easily activating and managing their plan and subscriptions.         

Startappz highlighted the advantages of digital transformation for different aspects of the customer experience, starting with digital authentication via its link with Identity Authentication Management (IAM) portal, support for electronic SIM (eSIM) that can be activated instantly, in addition to secure and fast payment and delivery channels through integration with HYPER PAY online payment gateway and SAMSA shipment service.

Mohammad Khawaja, CEO of Startappz, stated: “digital transformation has become a necessity for all sectors and companies that aspire to elevate their capabilities and competitiveness. This applies generally to the communications sector, and especially to virtual network operators who can focus on certain customer segments for their service offering. Making the transformation into the digital realm gives these operators the chance to rise up to the challenge of competing with the main providers in the communications market.”

Khawaja added that: “Startappz has been instrumental in designing and developing Lebara’s digital channels and integrating them directly with Huawei CRM and Business support system (BSS). Our collaboration started with creating and executing a vision for these electronic channels, building a compelling user interface (UI), and launching all these apps and services in the market, making them available to Lebara’s customers. Most importantly, we had a strong emphasis on creating an exceptional customer journey through all phases of our partnership.”

It is worth noting that Lebara provides international communications services through its mobile virtual network operator. It targets several customer segments providing them with prepaid SIM card offers that cater to the needs of local and international customers alike across Europe (Denmark, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Switzerland, and England) and in Saudi Arabia.