Dubai, UAE: 90s style has really made a comeback, featuring heavily across the trending fashion landscape. This era has influenced Kayfi’s new UF Collection which boasts a myriad of fun, versatile and sophisticated pieces.

UF- Understated Finesse draws upon the 90s appeal, adopting a light interpretation of vintage elements, keeping things classy, minimal, and perfect for everyday use. As always, Kayfi has created a collection that is modest-ish, forward-thinking, and made with for the woman with a modern mindset.

The Doubled-Breasted Shirt Jacket in Olive Green is a gorgeous mid-length tailored blazer with a lapel collar and a relaxed shoulder, giving a compelling yet comfortable look. This statement blazer is seam and hem free, proving a smart-casual piece that can be worn day and night.

Pair this jacket with a matching pair of High Waist Cropped Trousers also in olive green that is a straight cut, relaxed, and super flattering. Both pieces will look striking as a set but will also look great when worn separately. These wardrobe staples are made from wrinkle-free material ensuring the ensemble looks perfectly pressed and ultra-chic.

 The 90s Button-Down Midi Dress flows from the shoulder, grazing the ankle. Adopting a beautiful olive-green tone, this dress follows the tone of minimalism, with a classic silhouette, whilst also feeling modern due to the v neckline and choker detail. The light material glides with the woman and is buttoned from the neck to the bottom, it fits loosely around the arms, tapering down into a fitted sleeve.

The Smocked Midi Kaftan in Bronze is truly one of a kind. This midi kaftan has a unique neckline and flatters the female silhouette beautifully. It is fitted at the top and flows at the bottom, cascading to the ankle, thus offering a marvellously mystic and vintage aesthetic. If this gorgeous snakeskin is the print for you, then why not add the Smocked Midi Kaftan to your closet. This perfect piece of modest wear marries the classic silhouette of the kaftan and the concept of an abaya.

A softer and more alluring alternative to black, the V-Neck Flowy Dress in Blue features a V-neck, Jacquard style hemming, and a loose, mid-length flare. Additionally, the Flowy Dress with Buttons also comes in the same stunning color and offers real versatility. With a V-neckline, from the top to bottom, it doubles up as a full-purpose abaya and cover-up.

In essence, Understated Finesse is about adopting a more minimal approach to fashion, focusing on the basics to create a capsule wardrobe full of essentials that are perfect for pairing with other pieces, for a host of occasions. With UF, Kayfi adopts a considerate approach to timeless, versatile, and quality designs that will be worn again and again.

  1. Button-Down Midi Dress in Green | AED 331
  2. Snake Print Utility Crop Top and Palazzo Trousers in Bronze | AED 449
  3. Double-Breasted Shirt Jacket and High Waist Cropped Trousers in Green | AED 477
  4. Knitted Straight Cut Kaftan and Button-Down Cardigan in Tan | AED 601
  5. V-Neck Flowy Dress in Blue | AED 359
  6. Smocked Midi Kaftan in Bronze | AED 325


Founded in 2020, Kayfi is a modern and transformative, Modest-ish fashion brand aimed at women who emphasize a unique and bold aesthetic, whilst being grounded on culture. Delivering a new concept in modest fashion, Kayfi collections offer a fine balance of fun, grace, and individuality, and are inspired by tradition and exude contemporary styles. With freedom of expression at its core, Kayfi is the only Middle Eastern brand that offers distinctive modest fashionwear for discerning progressive women in the region, who value exclusivity, price, and quality.

Kayfi provides an online retail experience in the Middle East with exclusive fabrics, design, and style, enabling women to let their personalities shine. The brand offers a wide spectrum of high-quality products including abayas, kaftans, dresses, tops, jumpsuits, trousers & skirts, designed by an innovative, creative in-house team who are dedicated to helping women reclaim fashion and make it their own. Just how they like it.