Kazakhstan Looks to Middle East for Booming Halal Tourism

Yerlan Zhailaubay, the Head of Tourism and Foreign Affairs
Yerlan Zhailaubay, the Head of Tourism and Foreign Affairs

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: The Kazakhstan Tourism Industry Department eyes to embark on promoting the country’s Muslim-friendly facilities to prop regional tourism arrivals following the boom in Halal tourism.

Speaking in an exclusive interview to Hotelandrest.com, Yerlan Zhailaubay, the Head of Tourism and Foreign Affairs discussed the new scope of tourists that the country eyes to attract. He said, “The Middle Eastern tourists, specifically those coming from the GCC, are among the target groups we wish to attract this year. These are travelers who wish to enjoy rich cultural excursions, dynamic winter sports and an abundance of luxurious experiences. Among the top GCC residents who frequent Kazakhstan are from the UAE and The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia whose travel preferences centers of sophisticated yet familial attractions”

Zhailaubay also emphasized the importance of the country’s Halal facilities for travelers from Muslim countries, saying, “We are seeing a huge potential for developing a niche market that answers to every need of Arab tourists. Currently, Kazakhstan has a number of masjids and mosques to accommodate Muslim tourists, as well as various halal restaurants spread across the country’s tourist hotspots, and we plan to add more Muslim-friendly recreations in the future.”

As part of its efforts to drive tourism in the country, The Kazakhstan Tourism Industry Department has unveiled various programs that is centered on its skiing offers, including the promotions for Shymbulak Ski Resort, the largest skiing facility in the country and its role as an up and coming luxury sporting destination in the region.

Kazakhstan received a record total of 6 million international tourists in 2017 with more than 500,000 international tourists touring Almaty, the old capital city that is home to the biggest mosque in the country, Charyn Canyon, and the Medeu Ice Skating Rink. The country offers more than 350 different star-rated hotels, making up 20,000 lodging spaces and 12,000 apartments. Dining experiences are another wonder in Kazakhstan, with culinary experts offering over 30 specialties throughout the province.

“Kazakhstan is a diverse country that embraces people from all walks and nations. Our country is slowly rising up to the levels of top travel destinations in the Middle Eastern market, in which we have attained the 14th spot. We look forward to welcoming more tourists from the region in the years to come,” he concluded.