Kingston Technology Leads Channel SSD Shipments in 2020

  • Strong Planning and Customer Support Leads to 27% Market Share 
  • Solid Business Position Continues into 2021 

Dubai, UAE: Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP, a flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, Inc., a world leader in memory products and technology solutions, today announced TrendForce has named them as the number one supplier of SSDs in the channel for 2020. According to TrendForce, Kingston accounted for an impressive 27 percent of the 111.5 million units shipped in 2020. 

With the emergence of COVID-19 in 2020, evere delays in manufacturing and logistics resulted in a sudden decline in order volumes. Yet, findings show through Kingston’s global strategy for sourcing components, the company was in a strong position considering a global pandemic and looming chip shortage. The results reinforced Kingston as the clear leader in SSD production.As a category, third-party suppliers (non-semiconductor) SSD makers accounted for 35% of the total shipments in 2020. 

Kingston Technology’s presence in the market is widely due to its strong relationships with customers and channel partners worldwide. As the ongoing health crisis swept through the world and businesses moved fast to adapt, Kingston continued to offer top-tier sales support and access to in-house product experts and engineers who embody the “Kingston Is With You” working attitude that has led to three successful decades of reliability and support for customers. Kingston’s #1 rank in the SSD market is no surprise when the same approach in the DRAM division has led the company to be the largest third-party memory module supplier for the 18th consecutive year. 

 “The 2020 research findings reinforce Kingston’s growing presence and position in the SSD market,” said Tony Hollingsbee, SSD business manager, Kingston EMEA. “The COVID-19 pandemic has largely impacted and accelerated the worldwide demand of SSDs with remote working and education as the key drivers behind last year’s surge continuing through 2021 into next year. With that, we continue to solidify our offerings with distinct SATA and NVMe solutions in the client space and growing enterprise solutions for a variety of applications and host environments.” 

Kingston has no plans to slow down having just added two PCIe 4.0 NVMe M.2 SSDs to its portfolio with the addition of their KC3000 and Kingston FURY Renegade SSD.  The high-performance drives joined Kingston’s family of client SSDs to enable those who demand speed and reliability to handle intensive games and application workloads on desktops and laptop PCs. 

About Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP:

Kingston Digital Europe Co LLP and Kingston Technology Company, Inc., are part of the same corporate group (“Kingston”). Kingston is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. From big data, to laptops and PCs, to IoT-based devices like smart and wearable technology, to design-in and contract manufacturing, Kingston helps deliver solutions used to live, work and play. The world’s largest PC makers and cloud-hosting companies depend on Kingston for their manufacturing needs, and our passion fuels technology used by the world every day. We strive beyond our products to see the bigger picture, to meet the needs of our customers and offer solutions that make a difference.