Dubai: KnowledgeNet has launched the 20th edition of TradeNet, a trading platform, which includes a comprehensive portfolio of investment management solutions designed to revitalize the investment business. It uses advanced tools that guarantee effective and competitive trading and investment performance enabling customers to experience better and easier trading. The launch came on the sidelines of GITEX 2021, held in Dubai from 17-21 October.

Mr. Mohammad Attiya, CEO of KnowledgeNet, explained that the new trading platform features record performance speed, marginal response time, fully automatic operations, and uninterrupted direct market access. The 20th version also provides an unlimited number of transactions, features an advanced reporting tool, customizable control panels that can be customized to the user’s liking, as well as high levels of security. Mr. Attiya noted that the development of the new version came after listening to customer feedback and taking advantage of the company’s 20-year experience.

On the occasion of the launch of the 20th edition of the new TradeNet platform, KnowledgeNet held an “Invest Better” seminar with the participation of Mr. Mohammad Attiya, CEO of KnowledgeNet, Mr. Ahmed Semary, senior vice president of KnowledgeNet, and Mr. Fahad Al-Eidy, Vice President, Mr. Mohamed Ali Yassin, Director of Strategic Planning and Clients at Al Dhabi Capital Limited, Ms. Afra Al Suwaidi, Head  of Market Operation at DFM and Nasdaq Dubai, and Mr. Ali Sajwani, Founder and CEO of Grape Technology, and many other participants. The attendees discussed the reality and future of banking, trading services in the GCC region and the world.

The seminar included an award ceremony to loyal customers with over ten years of business with KnwoedgeNet. Mr. Attiya congratulated the award winners stressing that KnowledgeNet cherishes its customer base, which exceeds forty customers, stating that they are considered partners and that the company is keen to design all its products to meet their requirements and wishes. He concluded, ” We are fully confident that users will admire the twentieth version of TradeNet, and we look forward to seeing this.

KnowledgeNet Solutions was launched in 1999 in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Arab Bank. Today the company covers the Middle East region and plans to expand its reach across the Middle East and North Africa through 4 major products focused on the financial sector. In addition to the superior quality of its products, KnowledgeNet is known for its outstanding customer service based on the company’s “Customer First” policy. In the current phase, the company’s strategy is to expand our technology presence, enhance our ability to service Fintech or Fintech projects, and design and create customer-specific software products, using flexible participation models.