Korean Red Ginseng, CheongKwanJang Makes Way to Qatar, Attracting World’s Attention

Korean Red Ginseng, CheongKwanJang Makes Way to Qatar, where Attracted World’s Attention.

– KGC(Korea Ginseng Corp.) is promoting Korean red ginseng in Qatar

– Entered Qatar’s more than 200 stores of Holland & Barrett, Europe’s No. 1 health supplement shop

DOHA, Qatar and SEOUL, South Korea: KGC(Korea Ginseng Corp.), a global health company, will strengthen its local marketing in Qatar, where is full of soccer fever, to promote Korean red ginseng to the world.

KGC enters Qatar market and sells its flagship brand, CheongKwanJang Red Ginseng, while advertising to promote “CheongKwanJang” and “Korea Red Ginseng” at major shopping malls in Qatar.

KGC will showcase Korean red ginseng to global travelers from all over the world by introducing CheongKwanJang products in more than 200 stores, including Holland & Barrett, Europe’s No. 1 health supplement shop located in Qatar.

Starting with Holland & Barrett, now consumers can enjoy red ginseng products of CheongKwanJang in all major commercial districts, such as high-end grocery retailer “Almira” and large French discount shop retailer “Carrefour” as well as 200 stores in soccer stadiums in Qatar.

CheongKwanJang products selling in Qatar are such as Red Ginseng EVERYTIME, Red Ginseng Extract, and Vital tonic Energybox, which are familiar to domestic consumers in Korea and will continue to increase products specialized in the region in the future.

KGC commented that it has introduced EVERYTIME and Vital tonic Energybox, along with traditionally popular red ginseng tablets, and furthermore, the company introduced Red Ginseng Extract that can be consumed as a drink substitute for all ages.

In Qatar and the Middle East, people purchase red ginseng for reasons such as improving immunity and physical strength, and is especially popular among middle-aged men as they are highly interested in health.

KGC will continue to promote Korean red ginseng to people around the world by selling CheongKwanJang products and keep holding tasting and promotional events.

KGC commented, “KGC went into Qatar, where all eyes of the world are focused, for the first time. We will make efforts to deliver the power of red ginseng not only to Qatar but throughout the Middle East through Qatar stores and promotional activities.”