KPMG pledges AED1 million to the ‘100 Million Meals’ Campaign

Nader Haffar, Chairman and CEO of KPMG Lower Gulf

Dubai, UAE: KPMG has donated AED1 million to the ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign, the largest food donation drive in the region, managed by Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), with the goal of delivering meals and food parcels to disadvantaged families and individuals in 30 countries during the Holy month of Ramadan and after.

The one million dirhams provided by KPMG Lower Gulf, a pioneer in sustainability consulting in the UAE and Oman, will help provide one million meals to beneficiaries in targeted nations spanning the Middle East, Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America.

Food distribution has already begun in several countries through an integrated network of collaborations between the campaign’s organizer Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Global Initiatives (MBRGI), the UN World Food Programme, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Humanitarian and Charity Establishment (MBRCH), Food Banking Regional Network, and humanitarian organizations in beneficiary countries.

Ambassadors of Positive Change

Nader Haffar, Chairman and CEO of KPMG Lower Gulf, said: “Institutions have a huge role to play in the advancement of society, and we can all be ambassadors for positive change,” stressing that the company’s social responsibility initiatives are an integral part of its business and get the full support of its employees.

Nader noted that the company is committed to addressing the most pressing social and economic issues, such as hunger and poverty, as well as education. He mentioned that KPMG is looking forward to supporting more initiatives similar to the 100 Million Meals campaign, in order to make a positive impact on the communities at large.

One Dirham Provides a Meal for the Hungry

The ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign embodies the core values of the UAE who stands by people of the world to help them face the challenges of hunger and malnutrition.

The ‘100 Million Meals’ is part of UAE’s contribution to global efforts to combat hunger and malnutrition, aggravated by the outbreak of COVID-19. Today, more than 52 million people in the MENA region are undernourished. More than 820 million people suffer from malnutrition, including 52 million people in the Middle East and North Africa.  Moreover, an unfortunate percentage of 45% of deaths in children under the age of five are also caused by malnutrition, resulting, every 10 seconds, in the death of a child due to a hunger-related disease.

Global statistics indicate that the entire world produces enough food to feed 10 billion people annually, but a third of this food goes to waste. The ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign is a step forward on the path that leads to developing effective and efficient solutions to reduce hunger, malnutrition and poverty, with the ultimate goal of improving people’s lives by 2030, providing food security, improving nutrition and promoting sustainable agriculture, which is the main goal of the World Food Programme.

Donation Channels

The ‘100 Million Meals’ campaign pursues its mission to distribute food across 30 countries until the end of Ramadan. It has achieved its target with the help of institutions, companies, groups and businessmen.

The campaign still welcomes donations by individuals and companies from inside and outside the UAE. These can be made on the campaign website; by calling the campaign call centre on the toll-free number 8004999; by transferring funds to the designated bank account for the campaign through Dubai Islamic Bank (AE08 0240 0015 2097 7815 201); or by sending “meal” or “وجبة” on specified numbers on the Du or Etisalat networks in the UAE.

A company poised for success

KPMG is one of the leading companies in the field of accounting and auditing, tax advisory, as well as investment, including corporate finance and investment advisory services in mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings and underwriting, as well as banking services, advisory management and business advisory services.

The company pursues its growth and expansion plans in the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman by attracting talented people to its workforce, which currently employs more than 1,200 talented individuals in both countries of operations.