Landmark expands its diversified digital service offerings


Dubai, UAE: – Landmark announced today the expansion of its business offerings to align with an era that highly emphasizes on digital operations. 

With the global shift & digital evolution & alongside the market need, Landmark, previously solely known for the provision of PR & Event Management services, considered this shift to finally drift into the digital world.

“Our clients have recently encouraged us to add more services that they require for their business and to tackle the new changes in the market. Amidst the rapid transformation globally, the Communications industry continues to move towards more advanced digital services that are on a par with international trends”, said Chairman Talal Dhulaymi.

“This transformation is largely driven by an increase in awareness among stakeholders. The awareness reflects the important role communication can and must play in organizations and entities worldwide. We are in the midst of an interesting growth phase and an era of a paradigm shift in the domain”, Mr. Dhulaymi added.

In line with this transformation, Landmark launched its new & enhanced brand identity that is compatible with the line of services it delivers. The rebranding process is of advantage, not only to retain its loyal customers but also to connect with new ones & enable the agency to convey the brand’s message. With a foresight & thorough planning, and the formation of a team with meticulous competencies, Landmark extended its scope into digital communications, and social media development and management. 

The set of incorporated services will enable the company to provide clients with a complementary range of marketing services. As a strategy& with an equipped team, we will implement a creative &unconventional approach, which will have positive implications for our clients’ businesses, “allowing us to help them leave a mark”,said Nasry Abou Zaki, MD ME. 

About Landmark PR & Digital Communications:

One of the oldest agencies in the region, Landmark is a full-service PR and Digital Communications agency. It initiated its operations back in the year 2000, in Jeddah followed by Riyadh, and a regional office in Dubai, as well as representative offices across the ME region.

Landmark exploits its expertise on various levels from local to international corporations & governmental institutions, to diverse industries including technological, automotive, health, insurance, hospitality, tourism & food & beverages.