Following a prolific fiscal year which saw the company attain an astounding 12% growth rate during the global pandemic, Dubai-based LEORON Institute has made a series of new appointments across its leadership board.

What started with the appointment of their first woman CEO (as reported by Forbes), has soon spread across all remaining verticals, with two young managing directors now taking key positions in the organization.

The streak followed with yet another appointment of a female leader, where Tatjana Kolovchevska, a pioneering member of the organization was appointed managing director at the Dubai headquarters of LEORON. Subsequent to a continuous increase in revenue and activities throughout the UAE region, Ms. Kolovchevska’s appointment comes as a next step in strengthening the company’s position as a market leader in the Gulf.

“I am pleased to be appointed to lead LEORON’s main strategic initiative to further strengthen our position in the GCC region. We have been recording a continuous increase in revenue from UAE and KSA operations and our plans, as always, are quite ambitious and challenging. Last year, we have demonstrated an unmatched level of resilience, preparedness, and innovation and we will only continue to excel. LEORON Institute’s team of unrivaled professionals is yet again setting up new benchmarks in our industry.”, has stated Ms. Kolovchevska.

The organization has seen a strong expansion during the year, with new offices established in the United Kingdom and Egypt at the end of 2020. One of the primary offices located in Skopje, Macedonia, which is now going 120 people strong – ranging from operations to sales and marketing has seen Mr. George Gruevski appointed as Managing Director, who’s been part of the organization since the early days.

“I am honored and accept the role as Managing Director with a great sense of duty. Especially as this appointment comes after our company’s successful battle to elevate LEORON and our clients amidst a global pandemic. The challenge called for business agility, creative thinking and collective efforts that only made us better built for the future. I am aware of the challenges still ahead and firmly believe this will require courageous team efforts in order to achieve our strategic goals and drive the company to even greater levels of success.” has stated Mr. Gruevski.

The latest wave of appointments at LEORON has seen a number of leaders climbing up the ladder, with several claiming decision-making roles as associate directors in key departments. This restructuring takes place largely in compliance with the company’s latest diversification policy, which has seen senior leadership shifting towards sister ventures that seek to focus on derivative services, such as consulting, coaching, and tech-based learning.

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