Leading Asian Digital Banking Solutions Provider Silverlake Axis Commits to EMEA Expansion with New Senior Leadership Appointment

  • Silverlake Axis (SAL) has appointed Gyorgy Tamas Ladics as the new Regional Managing Director of Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) of SAL Group
  • Ladics will oversee strategy development, business operations, and key relationship management for SAL and its brands in the region
  • The appointment reiterates SAL’s strong commitment to the EMEA region and the growth of its digital banking sector

Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Leading Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed and Malaysia-headquartered fintech and digital banking solutions provider, Silverlake Axis (SAL, SGX:5CP), has appointed Gyorgy Tamas Ladics as its new Regional Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). In his new role, Ladics will oversee the business operations of SAL and its brands in the EMEA region. 

Ladics is a seasoned financial services professional with over 29 years of experience in digital strategies and business transformation globally. Prior to joining SAL in 2020, he has worked in various markets across Central-Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Russia.

Ladics will lead the development of strategies for SAL businesses and act as an ambassador for various brands operated by SAL in the EMEA region. In alignment with One SAL Transformation, he will also partner closely and collaboratively with Sales & Marketing and Product COE to build go-to-market strategies, establish positioning strategy, and improve market penetration into the region. He will also be responsible for facilitating key business and customer relationship management as well as negotiating potential business opportunities alongside the respective COE Leads.

Andrew Tan, Group Managing Director of SAL, said: “Gyorgy’s remarkable leadership skills and admirable character make him an absolute joy to work with. Given his extensive global experience in the field, we are confident in his ability to take on this responsibility and contribute to advancing our business and achieving the objectives of the group.” 

The EMEA region has a vibrant banking sector, with many banks looking at the Middle East as a regional financial hub. In fact, four out of five banks in EMEA are looking to accelerate their digital transformation. This is driven by an amalgamation of changing consumer preferences, competition from FinTech startups, and changing regulations such as the EU’s revised PSD2 (Payment Services Directive). Deloitte, in its Digital Banking Maturity Study EMEA, has classified many Middle Eastern banks as digital adopters and digital latecomers. 

Ladics asserted that the EMEA region is highly diversified in terms of the digital maturity of its banks. “The pressure on markets from both evolving consumer preferences and competition has led many banks and financial institutions to effectively undergo digital transformation, especially since barriers to entry for competitors dropped significantly,” he said. “Tomorrow’s digital banking champions will be determined by their readiness to offer Open Banking services and transform themselves to digitalized banking. We want to use our team’s combined expertise and experience to enable the region’s banks in doing so,” he added.

The appointment of Ladics signals SAL’s strong growth plans in the EMEA region.


Silverlake Axis Ltd. (“SAL”) is a leading enterprise technology, software and services company focused on financial services and serves 40% of the top 20 largest banks in Southeast Asia. Founded in 1989, SAL has an impeccable track record of successful delivery of innovative and transformative solutions to its enterprise customers and their ecosystems. The Group has more than 380 enterprise customers in over 80 countries across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas. 

Under Axis Systems Holdings Limited, SAL was listed on the SGX-SESDAQ on 12 March 2003. It was renamed Silverlake Axis Ltd in 2006 and the listing was transferred to the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange on 22 June 2011.