The 30th edition of the annual Jewellery & Watch Show (JWS) Abu Dhabi is in full swing, with over 200 internationally recognised brands coming together to showcase the latest designs in jewellery and watch products.

Taking place from 1-5 November at Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC), JWS is expected to welcome approximately 7,000 jewellery enthusiasts to its exhibition throughout the five days.

The iconic industry event has long served as a launching platform for both new collections and up-and-coming talent, with a dedicated audience that shares a passion for cultivating conversation around jewellery-making traditions, techniques, and trends.

Mr. Mohammed Tamjid Abdulla, Deputy CEO of Jawhara Jewellery LLC, said: “We’re delighted to participate for the first time at the Jewellery and Watch Show in Abu Dhabi. Our diverse collection boasts exceptional pieces, expertly crafted from Gold, Pearl, and Natural Diamonds. Jawhara is glad to present an exclusive offer for the first time at JWS Abu Dhabi, a remarkable 60 percent discount on selected Diamond and Pearl Jewellery alongside our international collections showcased at JWS Abu Dhabi.

As an Emirati jewellery company with a rich, century-long legacy in crafting exquisite jewellery, we are deeply rooted in the Emirates. We deeply appreciate and embrace the traditions and culture that beautifully resonate in our jewellery and the wider industrywe’ve even modernised traditional jewellery designs.

Stay tuned for the grand reveal of our latest collection exclusively at JWS Abu Dhabi.

Jawhara, as a proud partner of the Natural Diamonds Council, adheres to stringent industry regulations and places ethical sourcing and sustainability at the forefront of our priorities.

Moreover, Jawhara is dedicated to social responsibility through investments in staff development and training programmes, especially in sales and marketing, while consistently creating numerous job opportunities each year.”

Giulia Callegari, Brand Director of Ferri Firenze, said: “We are pleased to be back in the region for our annual apportionment in Abu Dhabi, to present our latest collections. Introducing three-to-four new collections each season demands immense effort from our creative team and craftsmen. However, participating in JWS Abu Dhabi makes all this hard work incredibly worth it.

One collection that stands out is Lucciole. It features hand-painted enamel adorned with a vibrant array of sapphires and diamonds, reminiscent of an Italian summer garden. Crafting each piece is an intricate process that entails several hours of meticulous work and involves over 24 intricate steps. Lucciole is a true embodiment of our commitment to not only showcasing the finest Italian creativity, but also delivering the highest level of quality.

Spicchi is yet another collection we’re introducing. Shaped like a half-moon with depictions of moon phases, it holds a special place in our hearts. Personally, having relocated to this region and with my mother, who is the founder, visiting Abu Dhabi since the late ’90s, we’ve both been fascinated by the cultural significance of the moon in local traditions and celebrations. Moreover, the slender crescent moon that graces the dunes in places like Qasr Al Sarab in the deep Abu Dhabi desert has been visually captivating.

It’s heartening to hear JWS’ interest in sustainability. We strongly believe in the importance of sustainability. We recognise that we don’t inherit the planet from our ancestors; we merely borrow it from our children. This belief drives us to ensure that we leave our planet in a better state than we found it. Sustainability for us goes beyond addressing pollution and embracing sustainable crafting practices. It also involves nurturing the next generation of artisans, respecting individuals, fostering personal and professional growth, and enabling working women to achieve a harmonious work-life balance. These aspects are deeply meaningful to us.”

Utkarsh Parasrampuria, Creative Parntner at Amarkosh Jewels, said: “Amarkosh has proudly introduced a new collection of lightweight luxury items that we are excited to offer a sneak peek of at JWS. This collection stands out for its versatility and universal design, making it suitable for any occasion.

Every piece in our collection has undergone meticulous design and thoughtful consideration. Notably, we’ve introduced a sizable diamond set that can be worn in three different ways, showcasing our commitment to versatility and innovation.

South Sea pearls are a prominent feature in much of our jewelry, paying homage to the rich heritage of the UAE. At Amarkosh, ethical sourcing is of utmost importance to us. We exclusively collaborate with vendors who adhere to the Kimberly Process, a non-negotiable standard for us. We also use our social media platform to educate our customers about the jewelry industry and guide them in making informed purchasing decisions.”

Hiba Jaber, Founder and Designer of Almasati by Hiba Jaber, said: “Get ready to be captivated by our newest collection, ‘Femininity Infinity’, and several exciting additions. Crafted with the finest 18k Gold, exquisite diamonds, and vibrant enamel these pieces are designed to enchant.

At the heart of our signature style is the art of intertwining Arabic letters in unique, meaningful ways. These designs narrate individual stories and resonate deeply with the people of Abu Dhabi and the UAE.

The upcoming unveiling marks the grand debut of ‘Femininity Infinity’. We take pride in our commitment to sustainability whichever way possible, and we have recently introduced the jewelry revamp service part of our Almasati Brand, which allows people to recycle their vintage jewellery into new jewels they can enjoy wearing.

Noura Al Sarraj, Founder and Designer of MAS Jewels, said: “We are thrilled to introduce several new pieces and collections at the upcoming exhibition.

One standout piece is the Etlala necklace, featuring precious turquoise stones. It’s truly a statement piece, akin to a work of art, making anyone wearing it stand out.

Our brand draws inspiration from Emirati culture, and each collection pays homage to the UAE region, serving as a tribute to the Emirati woman.

Additionally, we will exclusively launch a few pieces at the exhibition. These pieces are relatively new and offer a playful and practical option for day-to-day wear, providing a departure from our more extravagant collections.

We take immense pride in our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). A portion of our profits is dedicated to CSR initiatives and organisations every month, reflecting our dedication to giving back to the community.”

JWS Abu Dhabi runs through 5 November 2023. Visitors can register for free via the website or at the main gate of ADNEC to tour the pavilions and enjoy the latest jewellery and watch pieces.