MoU aims to support UAE businesses thrive in the digital economy

Abu Dhabi: Tahaluf Al Emarat, a leading IT provider with developed advanced software solutions, and CPX Holding, a leading provider of digital-first cybersecurity solutions and services, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to build successful long-term relationships that will benefit both the UAE-based parties and their customers. 

The MoU was signed in Abu Dhabi by Yahia Alhami, CEO of Tahaluf Al Emarat, and Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of CPX.

The partnership aims to provide secure, reliable IT solutions and advisory services to enterprises and government entities so they can focus their resources on value generation, while knowing their data is protected. Both parties will tender and conclude project contracts and provide safe and scalable solutions that leverage leading technologies. 

As the UAE is fast becoming a digital economy, with governments and businesses racing to maintain their competitive advantage by adopting new technologies, new cybersecurity risks are on the horizon, and organizations are being exposed to more sophisticated cyber threats. 

Advanced cyber solutions are necessary for organizations that wish to combat these threats effectively and reap the benefits of new technologies, while being assured that their business is secure. The collaboration between Tahaluf Al Emarat and CPX will help organizations reduce the risk of cyber-attacks. 

During the signing ceremony, Yahia Alhami, CEO of Tahaluf Al Emarat, said, “The signing of an MoU with CPX will encourage a beneficial relationship in the best interest of both companies by exchanging knowledge and experiences through mutual collaboration. This MoU will help us identify new opportunities to cooperate and share best practices.”

Khaled Al Melhi, CEO of CPX, said, “As a newly established company, it is crucial to partner with a prominent local player as we both strive to deliver excellence to our customers. As the trusted cybersecurity partner to our customers, our ambition is to help them reach a new level of cyber maturity by implementing customized solutions and services for both the public and private sectors. We aim to limit exposure of UAE organizations to cyberthreats, so that they can increase their opportunities to innovate and thrive.”

About CPX Holding 

CPX, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, is a leading provider of digital-first cybersecurity solutions and services. Established in 2022, CPX protects public and private sector organizations with customized solutions that reduce the risk of sophisticated cyberattacks. We provide clients and partners with end-to-end cybersecurity capabilities to ensure compliance with stringent cybersecurity standards and accelerate their cyber maturity. 

About Tahaluf

To define the digital landscape for the region, Tahaluf was established in 2015 as a strategic initiative for the nation’s quest for digital transformation. Since its inception, Tahaluf has strived to provide the latest state-of-the-art solutions and services to keep businesses secure and at the forefront of the future. By solidifying its position as an innovative industry leader offering integrated solutions and services across the country and internationally, Tahaluf has established itself as a leading national presence in IT and cybersecurity. Tahaluf’s growing legacy has become intrinsically woven into the technological advancement of the UAE, shaping, and elevating the government’s determination to strive to achieve its ambitious vision built around smart cities and infrastructure developments. With this vision, Tahaluf intends to continuously cultivate innovation and transformation, provide cutting-edge security solutions, and create a future of possibilities in the UAE and beyond.

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