LEORON Accredited by ANSI – American National Standards Institute For Its Flagship Training Programs


Following a rigorous evaluation process based on ANSI/ASTM E2659, Standard Practice for Certificate Programs, LEORON Institute is accredited by ANSI as, ANSI-Accredited Certificate Issuer.

As the leading international corporate training institute to receive the prestigious recognition, LEORON will issue certificates for the following specialty areas accredited by ANSI:

  • Financial Modelling Master 
  • Change Management Master  
  • Human Resource Specialist
  • Risk-Based Internal Auditor
  • Strategic Procurement Master

A huge step in LEORON’s efforts to influence the global learning industry, the recognition is also seen as a prime achievement by its executive team:

“ANSI as an institution with 100 years of experience represents the highest authority in accreditation of Educational Providers and programs and we are very proud to have achieved their Standard for quality in training. This is a huge step for our organization that will add a tremendous value to our training portfolio and client satisfaction”, said Val Jusufi, Managing Director at LEORON Institute.

Director of the Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP), Dr. Turan Ayvaz, was also keen on congratulating LEORON for the partnership with ANSI.

“On behalf of ANSI, I would like to congratulate your organization for this significant achievement. ANSI is delighted to have Leoron PDI as an ANSI Accredited Certificate Issuer and we look forward to a continued partnership.”

The accreditation is an assurance that programs meet an American National Standard for quality. According to ANSI, the accreditation is an undisputed omen of confidence that the certificates you award to your students represent the best in quality education and training.

About LEORON Professional Development Institute:

Built upon strong experience in the manufacturing sector, which its founders developed in Sweden during the ‘90s global expansion, LEORON evolved into a dominant training institute that offers a comprehensive set of training and development solutions.

Today, LEORON is globally recognized as one of the leading educational providers of American and International certification programs.

LEORON’s training programmes offer a comprehensive suite of knowledge that is accredited by relevant industry institutions. It is locally accredited by KHDA and TVTC, and its list of global partners includes APICS, APMG International, AFP, IIA, ASQ, PMI, HRCI, IFMA, IABFM, CAIA, CISI, GARP, IACCM, ILM, and many more.

About ANSI:

ANSI is the official U.S. representative to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and, via the U.S. National Committee, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), and is a U.S. representative to the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). ANSI accreditation is nationally and internationally recognized as a mark of quality and assures that employers can have confidence that the certificate holder has completed the prescribed course of study. ANSI’s accreditation process itself follows ISO/IEC 17011, the International Standard that defines quality third-party accreditation practices.

ANSI’s Certificate Accreditation Program (ANSI-CAP) accredits assessment–based education and training programs against the American National Standard ASTM E2659. The standard establishes guidelines for quality certificate program development and administration, and forms the foundation for a recognition system that enables consumers, employers, government agencies, and others to distinguish between qualified workers and those with less-than-quality credentials.

ANSI was founded in October 19, 1918.