Light of Movement: Interpretation on the Exterior of OMODA C5 EV Design Language


Nowadays, the shift from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles in the automotive industry is a global market trend, as well as an important step towards sustainable development for the industry. After launching its first fuel vehicle model, the global OMODA brand is now launching its first EV model, the OMODA C5 EV, which will be released worldwide in the fourth quarter of this year and meet with UAE consumers next year. Today, we plan to discuss it from a design perspective.

OMODA C5 EV designer Richard stated, “The EV features a brand new design language – Light of Movement. It is a continuation of the previous Art in Motion, inspired by the dynamic light and shadow of lightning in nature.” The designer captured the dynamic beauty of lightning cutting through the night sky in nature and incorporated it as inspiration into the new car’s shape, which is sharp and highly personalized. Especially through the dynamic changes of light and shadow, presenting a trendy aesthetic that transcends the realistic perception and fantastic scenery. 

As a pure electric model, OMODA C5 EV shows a striking appearance with a sporty “X” shaped front face and good wind resistance performance. Meanwhile, the shape of the headlamps has also undergone obvious changes, with the integration of LED daytime running light strips and wider chrome-plated trim strips; In addition, the fog lamps, as well as the styling of the wheels and front and rear bumpers have made subtle changes to present the beauty of lines in airflow, and with a larger “OMODA” logo set horizontally in the chrome-plated strip, showing a sense of premium overall.

The body lines of OMODA C5 EV are sharp and dynamic, with perfectly constructed unique 3D body surface and shading treatment, which keeps balance with the horizontal and vertical body lines, thus boasting strong and dynamic energy. The side-wing lighting could accentuate the sharp and angular surface of the body when it turns on, making it sculpted, and featuring a dynamic and young sporty appearance that is compatible with the new generation.

The rear of the vehicle is further upturned, with the low-lying design highlighting a highly dynamic stance that is tailored to the youthful and sporty aesthetic. The rear of the OMODA 5 EV also features a trendy presentation, showcasing a sleek and sporty style with thin vertical stripes embedded in the rear taillights. The rear spoiler at the rear is also highly stylish and consistent with aerodynamics, which can raise the vehicle speed to a new level for generating strong visual stimulation and youthful symbolic expression, catering to the new generation of young-minded people who enjoy the racing-like drifting experience in driving.

OMODA C5 EV, as the first CROSSOVER NEV of OMODA brand aiming for the green future, undertakes a major mission for OMODA brand’s globalization of green concept, caters to global users’ demand for clean energy travel mode and builds a new lifestyle for global consumers with a great sense of future technology. Let’s just wait for OMODA EV to meet with UAE and global consumers in the fourth quarter of this year.