Lincoln Aviator Can Elevate Your Private Screenings with VIP Drive-in Movie Under the Stars Credentials


Al Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: Though reassuring advancements and results relating to vaccines have been all the buzz globally in recent weeks, it does not mean we should not still be exercising a degree of Covid-based caution. It also, however, doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy a tailored semblance of familial activity normality.

With drive-in cinemas having made a comeback in the current climate, harking back to their ‘Fifties and ‘Sixties heyday – affording an opportunity to socially distance while dabbling in the latest cinematic releases – they’ve no doubt offered a responsible break from boredom. But with a few extra accessories in your Lincoln Aviator boot, you can ramp up the levels of luxury from ‘Sixties throwback to modern day VIP.

Prepare for your cosy private drive-in cinema like you might for a sunset barbecue in your favourite spot; pack the Lincoln Aviator with a little firewood, some snacks, and comfortable outdoor seating. While Lincoln vehicles in themselves are the embodiment of the marque’s ‘Quiet Flight’ identity, loaded with exclusive advanced technologies, and modern luxurious comfort, you will, crucially, need to get your hands on a projector – which come in all shapes, sizes, and price brackets, be it for pairing with your smart phone or mirroring your laptop.

Obviously the more you are willing to spend on one, the sharper your VIP cinema’s image will be, enhanced even further by adding a 4K quality screen. Though this non-overnight glamping session is definitely more about living the experience, where a simple white bed sheet strung up between two trees or draped over a camping table, can host your preferred picture; from the latest Amazon Prime release, to that classic rom-com stored on a memory card.

Once you’ve pulled up to your favourite secluded spot, power up your projector, point it at your makeshift mobile movie screen, and pair it with Lincoln’s inimitable Revel Ultima 3D audio system via SYNC3 for that all around sound rarely available at drive-in cinemas. With six standard sources to power or charge electronic devices, including 12-volt power points that remain active for up to 75 minutes with the engine switched off, there’ll be more than enough charge to see out the movie.

Aviator’s cabin can be a cave of serene solitude, or that comfortable shared space for a special date night, but if its Perfect Position 30-way adjustable leather-wrapped, soft-cushioned, body-hugging seats prove a little too first class for temporary glamping, grab some oversized beanbags and set yourself up with a campfire and some skewered marshmallows. Crank up the sound system with the windows down or doors ajar, and enjoy your VIP drive-in movies under the stars, free from concession stand queues and noisy next seat neighbours. A private cinema truly unlike any other.

Revel sound systems and multi-directional Perfect Position seats are available as options on all new Lincoln vehicles, with small utility Corsair, midsize SUV Nautilus, and the flagship Navigator joining Aviator as potential rolling VIP cinemas, and all are available to view at your local Lincoln showroom.

About Lincoln:

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