Lingual Orthodontic Treatment now a reality at Al Mariffa Medical Center


United Arab Emirates: Al Mariffa Medical Center, a state of the art multi-disciplinary dental and health care delivery center located in Dubai and Sharjah, is now one of the few certified clinics in the UAE using customized lingual orthodontic treatment and officially using ebrace lingual orthodontic system. ebrace lingual orthodontic system incorporates the latest technology of CAD- CAM, used to effectively treat patients.

The dental facility offers customized lingual orthodontic brackets, which are processed with a complete computerized technology. The orthodontic arch wires are bended with the robot to overcome the shortcomings of a standard bracket. The invisible system improves patience comfort while simplifying orthodontic treatment.

Al Mariffa Medical Center strives to use the most effective modern technology for the most patient comfort. The experts and doctors at the Center are continually researching and developing newer ways of client servicing with the latest technological and effective treatment certifications from far and wide.

Dr. Mazin Hammadi, Orthodontist, Al Mariffa Medical Center, said, “The ebrace Lingual Orthodontic System is a system entirely hidden that is neither bulky, nor has any negative impact on speech. It is a simple, customized, and easy to maintain system for those looking to correct their smile without the added nuisance that seems to come with the traditional systems. There has been a 20% increase in the number of patients demanding the ebrace this year, and why not – it’s the best option for almost all patients!”

The center is one of the top few to offer this advanced technology and its benefits to patients across the UAE.

Customized Lingual Orthodontic brackets are designed exclusively for the lingual orthodontic treatment that orthodontists perform on malocclusion patients, and this treatment is provided by Al Mariffa Medical Center’s certified doctors and experts.