Liwa College opens registration for the next academic year on July 17


Liwa College, one of the institutions of the “NEMA Education” announced the opening of registration for students from 17 July until 18 September. Open registration is related to the two campuses in the cities of Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024. The college will offer 25 diploma and bachelor’s academic programs covering various vital disciplines to allow students to continue their studies in a specialized major. 

Liwa College confirmed that it had completed an integrated plan to prepare a learning environment that stimulates students to embrace creativity, excellence, and leadership by using human and material resources and potential. Within a comprehensive strategy to develop its digital infrastructure, the college launched an e-registration platform to manage and preserve student records. This includes providing an easy-to-use online application portal to simplify the admission process. Applicants can access the portal, which provides an application guide to facilitate the process for students, through the college’s official website. This global system provides students with the opportunity to register for their courses themselves, access their academic status, and communicate with their academic advisors. It also allows them to request a variety of official letters and academic and non-academic services.

Liwa College indicated that outstanding students as well as those eligible for support who meet the conditions and criteria are offered comprehensive scholarships to support their journey in the college. 

The College organizes an Open Doors Week at its campuses in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain to receive students who obtained high school certificates as well as those wishing to complete their university studies. The Open Doors Week program includes a variety of activities highlighting the experience of university life and our available facilities, including campus tours offering students and visitors the opportunity to explore the college infrastructure, including classrooms, laboratories, the library, and other facilities such as the cafeteria, the mosque, and the lounges.

The Open Doors Week will also include mentoring and induction sessions that will allow students interested in attending the college to interact with an admissions specialist, faculty members, deans, and heads of departments, and to inquire about the various academic programs, admission requirements, research opportunities, student life, and other topics.

Overview of Liwa College:

Liwa College of Technology (formerly Liwa College of Technology) was founded in 1993 after receiving recognition from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of the United Arab Emirates. More than 1,700 students are enrolled in the college’s 5 advanced faculties which offer 75 specialized academic programs in various fields including engineering, health sciences, business administration, digital media, and humanities. It also provides a sophisticated infrastructure according to the highest international standards that includes 35 applied laboratories, and an elite of 100 faculty members, with outstanding academic competencies, drawn from prestigious international universities to enhance the college’s standing.

Liwa College is one of the first private higher education institutions in the UAE to receive licensing and academic accreditation for its programs. More than 7,500 graduates have graduated from the college, many of whom have achieved extensive professional success and community contributions. The college has a modern campus equipped with cutting-edge laboratories and teaching tools, and is prepared for the adoption of new programs in advanced scientific fields that meet the needs of the UAE’s labor market. The college is distinctly located in the heart of the capital Abu Dhabi with 4 faculties offering high-quality academic services in the fields of engineering, business administration, health sciences, media, and public relations.

About NEMA Education:

”NEMA Education” was established as an academic branch of “NEMA Holding” (formerly Abu Dhabi University Holding Company, established in 2006 in the UAE). Liwa College of Technology represents a new addition to the portfolio of institutions operating in higher education and professional training sectors among the companies owned by “NEMA Education” including Abu Dhabi University, Knowledge Group and Khawarizmi International College. “NEMA Education” includes more than 10,000 students enrolled in its educational institutions and thousands more who receive professional training through its institutions.

About Liwa College:

NEMA Education recently launched Liwa College as its new higher education institution in Abu Dhabi. Strategically located in the heart of the Emirate, the Liwa College features five advanced  faculties offering 25 specialised academic programs in the fields of engineering, administration, health, media, and information technology among other disciplines. With state-of-the-art infrastructure including 35 applied laboratories, Liwa College ensures compliance with international standards, while an esteemed faculty team of over 100 members with exceptional academic competencies, recruited from prestigious international universities have been recruited to enhance the quality of education at the new college and contribute to the progress and development of higher education in Abu Dhabi and the UAE.