Locally grown pumpkins set to fly off the shelves this season


–  Abu Dhabi producer Elite Agro has grown 25 tons of UAE pumpkins as a local, nutritious and high quality choice for the spooky season –

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Elite Agro (EAG UAE LLC), leading Abu Dhabi producer and distributor of fresh fruit and vegetables, has created the ultimate conditions for cultivating 25 tons of delicious pumpkins which are set to fly off the supermarket shelves this Halloween and autumn as consumers seek out locally grown and affordable high-quality produce.

The pumpkins are grown at Al Foah Farm in Abu Dhabi where innovative agriculture techniques allow technology and nature to produce the ultimate environment for the perfect crop. Sprawling net houses with thousands of friendly bees ensure pollination and automated monitoring and irrigation provide the ultimate growing conditions all year round. The pumpkins are cut from the vine, dried in the fields and delivered to the supermarket shelves for October’s spooky spectacular celebrations.

“We are proud to be cultivating seasonal produce, allowing consumers to choose the freshest fruit and vegetables throughout the year, grown in EAG local farms.  There is often a misconception that food is difficult to grow locally due to the arid climate. The reality is that our revolutionary technology, infrastructure and farming techniques allow the production of the highest quality, freshest and most reliable harvest all year round,” commented Ian Summerfield, Elite Agro CEO.

Pumpkins are not just for Halloween, this diverse vegetable is rich in nutritional qualities with a range of essential vitamins including vitamin A, B and E, contributing to strengthening the immune system. To produce nutritionally rich and large pumpkins, this vegetable requires ample shaded space for sprawling vines and a temperate climate.  

In the 75-90 days growing period from seed to picking, the pumpkins are protected by net houses from nature’s elements of sun, wind and pests. As notorious greedy feeders are nourished through automated systems that provide them with their ultimate irrigation and fertilizer requirements on a daily basis. Honey bees, who also produce EAG’s local honey, are used for pollination. Once harvested, the pumpkins are naturally dried in the sun.

“This October we encourage budding chefs to go beyond the spooky pumpkin cut outs and support our sustainable approach to farming by using every part of the pumpkin to make delicious and nutritious food for all the family. Our farms cultivate over 25 varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables which allow UAE residents to proudly support local production and eat great food while contributing to the long term food supply of the Nation,” Mr Summerfield continued.

Customers can buy the Al Foah Farm pumpkins from leading retailers including Spinneys, Carrefour and online at Farmbox, the authentic farm store with a clear mission to offer customers fresh, organic, and premium food and beverage produce from farm to table through their convenient app and website.

Elite Agro, part of Yas Holding, cultivates approximately 3,000 hectares of fresh produce across four major farms, located in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain. The company’s commitment to achieving the Nation’s  farming vision is enabled by world-class irrigation and farming technologies, highly competitive and specialised talent, and the most economic use of natural resources conserving water, energy and land.

Below is the boilerplate for EAG UAE

Elite Agro (EAG) is a leading international producer and distributor of fresh produce with a well-established business presence across the UAE, GCC, Serbia, Mauritania, Ethiopia, and Morocco. Their diverse range of fresh produce, grown and produced from over thirty farms and across thousands of hectares of land, includes forages, wheat, vegetables, fruit, dairy, chicken, flowers, olive oil, and honey.

EAG’s primary objective is to provide high-quality, affordable, and reliable sources of fresh, locally grown produce for its customers whilst playing a vital role in food security through the efficient use of natural resources. By combining modern science with a respect for nature and biodiversity, Elite Agro ensures healthy farming is at the heart of its trusted fresh food operations.

As part of the prominent UAE headquartered investment group Yas Holding LLC, Elite Agro also provides large-scale farming solutions, farm management services, and farming construction services to clients who seek opportunities in agriculture in addition to owning the well renowned Marmum dairy in the UAE.

About Yas Holding LLC:

Yas Holding is a UAE headquartered investment company with a multi-business portfolio spanning nine sectors, 7500 employees, and 60 operating subsidiaries. The group is in growth mode, expanding business interests in agriculture, food, healthcare, education, aviation, real estate, FMCG, technology & services. Yas Holding’s diverse companies operate across the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia