Lyve Global’s new business model is designed to support businesses worldwide across the entire value chain.

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Lyve Global, a B2B SaaS organization founded in the UAE, has introduced its new one-stop shop business model that offers a suite of end-to-end solutions and services designed to digitalize and scale businesses across different industries.  

Lyve’s unique ecosystem consists of various advanced digital products and solutions that operate across the entire value chain – covering the entire spectrum from order generation to payment and delivery. 

Lyve Global’s pillars of products and solutions:

Businesses can leverage the company’s easy-to-integrate cloud products and solutions to diversify their revenue stream, simplify processes and payments, expand their markets, manage manpower, streamline, and enhance operations as well as cover their logistics requirements. 

By integrating multiple services through just one solution provider, Lyve Global’s clients can effortlessly scale their business requirements as it evolves and build lasting growth. This not only allows them to quickly adapt to market demands and incorporate new functionalities, but also to expand into new areas without the complexities of sourcing and integrating multiple solutions.

Hassan Hallas, CEO of Lyve Global, explains: “Lyve is making significant strides in expanding its presence across the region. By developing and acquiring the cutting-edge technologies needed to build such a comprehensive ecosystem, we are revolutionizing the way businesses operate. Our innovative platforms have already driven efficiency, cost savings and revenue for many of the region’s leading brands – a testament to our proven robustness and reliability at scale.”

Lyve is currently operational in over 22 countries worldwide – with a focus on the region, with main offices in KSA, Oman and Egypt – serving over 500 businesses and hundreds of thousands of customers. Through its commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, Lyve Global continues to lead the way in delivering transformative solutions that propel businesses in the region towards success in today’s dynamic market.  

About Lyve:

Founded in 2016, Lyve is a B2B SaaS platform empowering businesses to digitalize their customers’ journey from order to payment to delivery.

Through its ever-expanding portfolio of digital technologies, Lyve’s solutions empower businesses across multiple verticals to seamlessly manage logistic operations, optimize fleet schedule and tracking, provide powerful analytics, and enhance customer acquisition channels.  

Based out of the UAE, Lyve is operational in 22 countries around the world, offering its solutions to hundreds of clients and leading brands from the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, telecom, grocery and F&B industries.