Mallfortheworld warns online shoppers to be vigilant against cyber crime

Chris Folayan

Over 40 percent of Middle East consumers express their concerns about the security of online shopping.

Chris Folayan

As the online shopping revolution continues to gain momentum in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), online shoppers are being put on high alert on matters cyber security in a bid to stem down cases of cybercrime in the region.

With available statistics painting a grim picture of the cybersecurity status across the globe, global ecommerce solutions platform,, joins the rest of the world in fighting cybercrime by consistently educating its users on the need to always stay alert when shopping online.

Online shopping in the region continues to be a big phenomena with Business to Consumer trade volume in the Middle East and Africa estimated to reach over US$26 billion by the year 2020.

Reports also indicates that over 60 percent of UAE shoppers have shopped from other countries online and with the rising numbers, the online shopping sector still remains a key target for hackers and scammers. founder and chief executive officer, Chris Folayan, said cyber security is a top priority for the online retailer, which provides access to over 100 USA and UK retailer store sales information into the region.

“As we continue to provide online shoppers globally with a reliable platform through which they can purchase items directly from international online retailers, security remains our top priority and we are aggressively putting hacker-proof measures in order to safeguard our customers” said Chris.

He went on to add, “ is passionate about advancing and developing a secure global digital infrastructure but even as we continue to play our part in ensuring that our customers’ online shopping experience remains efficient, fun, and secure, we are also appealing to all online shoppers to always remain vigilant whenever they are shopping online so as to avert being hacked,” noted Chris.

Online shoppers are being urged to be constantly on the lookout when making purchases online by ensuring that they shop from reliable sites, use secure connections always, use strong passwords, as well as not to share personal information.

Shoppers have also been asked to periodically check their bank account details as banks have also fallen prey and become victims of cyber attacks. Keeping record of all online transactions is also another way of ensuring that online shoppers don’t get scammed.

Chris, has also urged online shoppers to pay special attention especially while on the checkout page and make sure that the green Security Padlock icon is visible in the address bar.

“The website’s URL should begin with an ‘https’ instead of the usual ‘http’ which states that the checkout page is security enabled. Shopper should be aware that if the green padlock is not visible, or the webpage does not state as secure while filling out credit card information, it would be prudent to avoid purchasing from that particular site,” noted Chris.

Shoppers have also been asked to check and confirm the legitimacy of a site before making online purchases by making sure the URL and name match. “Typos are a clear indication that the site is not legit. A well-established company will ensure their brand avoids even the simplest of typographical errors,” warned Chris.

About MallfortheWorld:

MallfortheWorld is a global e-commerce platform which enables customers in Africa, the Caribbean and Middle East to purchase products from over 200 UK and US retailers. Continuing with its mission to allow customers to “shop global, pickup local” the company plans to enter 40 new countries over the next two years. With its proprietary platform and guaranteed payment system, consumers have access to billions of items, while ensuring payment to vendors and handling all transaction fees.