Means Design’s New Office: A Smarter Move for Better Client Connectivity


 Dubai, UAE – Means Design, a full-service digital agency, is excited to announce its recent relocation to a brand-new office in Dubai’s The Citadel Tower, Business Bay. The new location boasts state-of-the-art interiors designed to integrate the agency’s three departments: The PR, The Digital, and The Creative sector. The move was planned since last year to keep up with the agency’s rapid growth and serve its global clients.

Lama Bibi, the Managing Director of Means Design, said, “This prime location set among the skyscrapers, with plenty of parking, has made it easier for our clients in the Luxury, Hospitality, F&B, and Healthcare & Wellness industries to visit and have meetings with us. Business Bay, which is central to the city, is the perfect spot as it facilitates connectivity and proximity to different parts of Dubai – which is a key factor for us.”

The new space features private offices, extensive work zones, a meeting and media room, a cafeteria, and a social area with an inspirational art installation. The color palette is kept simple with black-and-white with occasional pops of blue and grey pastels to break the monotony. The wall-less interiors aim to curate a high-functioning but relaxed work environment, bringing out the best in the creative members and promoting collaboration and productive teamwork.

Lama added, “The departments are separate yet connected as the open spaces allow them to be integrated at all times. This solidifies our strength of being a 360° integrated marketing approach solution to companies.”

Means Design has earned a reputation as a trusted partner for brands looking to bridge the gap between themselves and their customers over the past 10 years. The new office is a strong boost to their remarkable works that takes them long strides towards the goal of being the best in the business. “And eventually, we are getting there; we are not there yet, so it was important for us at this stage to create a workspace where everyone feels comfortable to work in, even for long hours. It was important to have a space where comfort and motivation drive everyone every day,” Lama commented.

As a buzzing digital, creative, and communications agency, Means Design is deeply rooted in its motto of efficiency, honesty, and transparency, making an impact with its dedicated team of thinkers that bring brands to life. With their move to a new location, Means Design is poised to continue its upward trajectory and remain at the forefront of the industry.