Medcare Hospital Sharjah joins forces with the Ministry of Health to provide Covid-19 vaccines


The premium healthcare provider will be administering the Sinopharm vaccine for free.

Medcare Hospital Sharjah has been granted the Sinopharm COVID-19 vaccine from the Ministry of Health and Prevention, equipping the premium healthcare provider to offer its first 1,000 vaccines at no cost to the citizens and residents of the UAE.

Sinopharm is now available for free to locals and residents aged 18 years and above on a walk-in basis at the hospital on King Faisal Street in Sharjah between 10am and 8pm on weekdays and from 2pm until 8pm on Fridays. The approved vaccination should be taken in two doses with an interval of 21 to 28 days between the first and second doses.

Dr Yehia El Gabbani, Chief Operating Officer, Medcare Hospital Sharjah said: “We are proud to be chosen by the Ministry of Health and Prevention to be a part of this historic mass vaccination drive. It is our honour to provide vaccinations to our community as we have been waiting for this moment, and our hope has been reignited as we start to turn the corner on this pandemic thanks to the relentless efforts of the UAE government.”

The preliminary outcomes of phase three of the clinical tests carried out by Sinopharm showed the immunity acquired against COVID-19 infection. The data also showed that there were no concerns related to the safety of the vaccine. The Seroconversion rate was recorded at 99 per cent of equivalent antibodies, with a 100 per cent rate of prevention from moderate or severe cases.

Dr El Gabbani adds that there will be an initial assessment form to be filled before the vaccination, which will be presented to the physician to check for eligibility and any medical concerns. Those with stable chronic diseases and senior citizens aged 60 years and above will be prioritised. Patients will need to sign a consent form to take the registered COVID-19 vaccine, and a vaccination card will be provided to those who complete both dosages.

Medcare Hospital Sharjah is located on King Faisal Street. Please call 05-2509-4002 for further details on the vaccination process.

About Medcare:

Medcare is the premium private healthcare provider under the parent group, Aster DM Healthcare. Operating leading state-of-the-art Hospitals, including Medcare Multi-specialty Hospitals in Dubai and Sharjah, Medcare Women & Children Hospital, Medcare Orthopedics and Spine Hospital (MOSH), and 15 medical centres in the UAE, Medcare has established a strong presence in the UAE.

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