MedsBla Reports Over 100,000 Registered Users Globally With Growing Demand In KSA and the UAE

  • Spanish start-up participating in Arab Health 2019 to present flagship platform Medsbla, an encrypted communication system exclusively for the healthcare industry
  • Second exhibition’s participation in the region following successful launch at the Global Health Exhibition 2018 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Over 100,000 registered users in the company’s global platform in less than 5 months with an objective to create the largest global network of healthcare professional
  • 80% monthly user growth, among the top performance of technological start-ups
  • MENA subsidiary office launched in Dubai to support regional business expansion (growth of 120% monthly)

UAE, Dubai: MedLab Media Group (MMG), a Spanish start-up focused on supporting and enhancing daily clinical practice and decision making, has announced its inaugural participation to Arab Health 2019 in Dubai to present to the market its technologies and their benefits. These innovations include MedsBla, an encrypted communication system exclusively for the healthcare industry that can help clinical institutions manage their communications and save cost. MedsBla also offers a completely safe space for healthcare professionals to share sensitive documents.

In the MENA region, MMG currently operates through a subsidiary office located in Dubai Internet City. The company’s interest and expansion plan in the Middle East region comes at a time of recent major developments and initiatives in the healthcare sector undertaken by the government. According to combined statistics from the World Health Organisation, World Bank, Alpen Capital and others, the GCC market is expected to grow 12.1 per cent between 2015 and 2020, from $40.3bn to $71.3bn. Statistics from the World Bank shows that Saudi Arabia (47.9 per cent) and the UAE (26 per cent) are the largest contributors to the region’s healthcare spending. MMG is seeking to capitalize on these efforts by introducing its innovative solutions to the market and support the growth of the sector.

MMG successfully launched its platform into the market in September 2018, at the occasion of the Global Health Exhibition that took place in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The company met with local authorities and other businesses who have shown interest and intention to further cooperate with MMG. Since then, it has already registered over 100,000 users in its global platform (spread over 150 countries) with a 80% monthly user growth. The company has an important presence in regions such as India (more than 25,000 users), Latin America (more than 40,000 users) and South East Asia (more than 15,000 users and a growth of 100% monthly). In the Middle East, MMG’s users are mainly concentrated in the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon (growth of 120% monthly). The company has also a growing presence in North African countries, notably in Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia.

Any hospital or healthcare institution carry out an enormous amount of communication between its members which can provide useful information for the administration. However, the volume of data is often so complex and unstructured that it goes unnoticed by managers. MedsBla is the solution to this problem, since it offers them the possibility of visualizing that information in an orderly, meaningful and relevant way. The private channels linked to the premium version of the application makes this easily possible.

This beneficial feature is intended for hospitals, clinics, medical centres or other types of organizations, societies, schools, foundations etc., that want to offer their members a secure communication channel. Furthermore, it is an encrypted messaging system (available for iOS and Android) that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the strictest European and American legislation respectively.

Oleg Vorontsov, CEO at MMG said: “MMG aims to offer to the entire medical community equal opportunities by providing immediate access to information, regardless of geographic location and economic situation. We have made significant progress/strides since our official launch last year and are on the right track to fulfil our ambition to create the largest global network of healthcare professional, a world-reference in e-health, supported by blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and encrypted communication systems.

In the Middle East, the healthcare sector presents a great opportunity for MMG as it has emerged as one of the most critical sectors for pursuing economic diversification. KSA and the UAE’s healthcare sectors are the largest in the region and we want to leverage the opportunity to advance the country’s objectives to further boost the sector and bring innovative and quality services that will enhance the countries’ positions on the global medical map. We are rapidly expanding in the region and we count on our first participation at Arab Health 2019 to present the benefits of our innovative technology to the sector”.

Additionally, MMG is working on a wide range of disruptive technologies, such as:

  • Semantic Search Engine – a revolutionary technology capable of understanding medical content and offering clinical decision support.
  • Blockchain services – a second layer of security for institutions that exchange sensitive data of patients and professionals.