MENAISC2021 Launches Tomorrow with Participation of 40 Global Cybersecurity Experts


Riyadh: Leading cybersecurity conference, the Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference 2021 is all set to launch tomorrow under the theme “Cybersecurity Vigilance …Continuous Monitoring & Mitigation. Understanding the Impact in a 5G Era.” The two-day conference on May 25 and 26 includes the participation of over 40, local, regional and global cybersecurity experts.

The conference will spotlight a number of critical topics such as: 5G networks, cybersecurity frameworks, artificial intelligence, analytics, cloud security and virtualization, data security and privacy strategy, satellites and communications, human skills for cybersecurity and advanced hacker threats. Other subjects that will be discussed include: Cyber espionage, the rise in healthcare data breaches, email as an entry point for data theft, increasing security vulnerabilities and high-risk malware and cybersecurity intelligence.

The development of 5G technology has put its users at an increased risk of cyberattacks. Indeed, 5G has the potential to significantly change the threat landscape of the telecommunications industry. The more widespread the technology becomes and the more devices that are connected to the 5G network, the greater is the number of attackers looking for vulnerabilities that they could use for their own purposes.

5G networks offer three key benefits: The first includes the fast download speeds for users; the second relates to high-speed, reliable communications designed for autonomous vehicles and other applications that require no connection gaps; and the third is related to massive machine-to-machine communications, or the Internet of Things (IoT), where billions of devices are constantly communicating with each other.