Message of Hope from Climate Experts and Garnier as it announces a series of new milestones towards Greener Beauty

  • New global educational campaign in collaboration with NATGEO launched to support and inspire 250 million people to adopt a greener lifestyle – with switching to shampoo bars, refillable and reusable packs an easy green step to take for consumers says Garnier global president
  • Roll out of a new refill system in the form of a durable aluminium bottle, helping to save an estimated 1.8 million plastic bottles every year
  • Garnier have committed to no virgin plastic on shelves by 2025, with distribution centres single use plastic free by December this year
  • Transparency, packaging design and product impact labelling major factors in driving consumer behaviour change
  • Follows news that Garnier is about to roll out its Zero waste Solid Shampoo bars in the UAE for the first time in November.

Dubai, UAE: Garnier has revealed a number of new milestones to help consumers make informed, environment positive choices ‘One Green Step at a time’ and strengthen their own commitment to Green Beauty.

Global Brand President Adrien Koskas announced these new initiatives as part of a global live streamed panel event at EXPO 2020 Dubai with a number of high-profile environment experts from around the world including Stephanie Shepherd, Founder of Future Earth, Andrew Almack, CEO and Founder of Plastics for Change, Wawa Gatheru, Environmental Justice Activist and Imogen Napper, Marine scientist, Researcher into Plastic Pollution, Nat Geo Explorer.

The raft of new initiatives centre around the launch of a new global educational campaign dedicated to sustainable consumption, produced by National Geographic CreativeWorks and featuring National Geographic Explorers, giving the public access to expert knowledge and real-world advice with the aim of empowering 250 million people to live greener on the planet, by 2025. 

National Geographic Explorers who also helped create content to inspire the everyday changes participated in the panel discussion tackling the important question – Can Beauty Go Green? Subjects such as plastic & packaging, water scarcity & green sciences are featured in the content series, and practical advice shared all with the aim of making sustainability accessible and empowering people to make greener choices and take #OneGreenStep. 

Rosa Vasquez Chemical Biologist, Amazon Conservationist, Artist and Nat Geo Explorer commented “The conversation should focus equally on hope because when you realise how much of a negative impact our actions can have – such as whether we recycle or not at home –  we should also turn to how much of a positive impact the results of our small little actions have on the planet.”

Garnier, the third largest beauty brand worldwide which produces 1.8 billion products a year and is available in 64 countries, embarked on their Green Beauty initiative in July 2020, setting out ambitious industry leading 5-year targets and committing to several major goals. 

Global Brand President Adrien Koskas said “At Garnier we feel it is our responsibility to empower people to do what they can, whilst we do what we can to lead the beauty industry forward in a more sustainable way. That’s why, a year on from launching our own end-to-end commitment to sustainability we have announced a new commitment, to empower 250 million people to live greener. These most recent green beauty milestones for the brand are simply further steps forward. We will keep moving forward because for Garnier, sustainability and Green Beauty is a journey that never stops.”

A global survey commissioned by the brand across 18 countries revealed that although 81% of people want to be more sustainable, less than 6% have taken day-to-day action to reduce their impact on the planet.

Environmental justice activist Wawa Gatheru also focused on a message of hope and the importance of the energy that young people particularly and crucially bring to the fight against climate change, “We need the energy and liveliness of young people to galvanize a consensus of people from all around the world, from all walks of life to address the climate crisis.”

In a further announcement from the World Fair Garnier will ‘adopt’ a recycling plant in Chennai, India as part of its expanding partnership with social impact NGO Plastics for Change to support waste picking communities.

Since the start of their industry leading Green/Greener Beauty initiative, 97% of new or renovated products have an improved environmental or social profile. Parent company L’Oréal are also in the process of transitioning its wider brand portfolio and business towards green sciences, aiming to have 95% of its ingredient list bio based, from abundant minerals or circular by 2030. 

Garnier have also committed to all plant-based and renewable ingredients being sustainably sourced by 2022 as well as 100% of new products having an improved environmental profile by 2025; 8 years on from when they began to measure their environmental impact


Garnier key facts & figures: 

  • Sold in 64 countries. 
  • 1.8 billion products produced each year.
  • All Garnier products, globally, are approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny programme. 
  • Garnier commits to Green Beauty a complete end to end approach to sustainability. The aim is to transform every stage of Garnier’s value chain, reducing or eradicating environmental impact in the following areas:  

Plastic & Packaging:

  • By 2025, Garnier will aim to use Zero Virgin Plastic in all packaging, saving 40,000 tonnes of plastic every year

Product & Formula:

  • By 2022, all plant-based and renewable ingredients will be sustainably sourced
  • By 2025, 100% of Garnier’s new products will have an improved environmental profile

Factories & Manufacturing:

  • 100% Carbon Neutral industrial sites by 2025, through the use of renewable energy. 
  • CO2 emissions of industrial sites already reduced by 72%  

Solidarity Sourcing:

  • By 2025 Garnier will have empowered 1000 communities worldwide as part of our Solidarity sourcing programme

Today Garnier has already…

  • More than doubled use of recycled plastic in packaging (3,670 tons in 2019 versus 9,019 tons in 2020)
  • Almost half (49%) of industrial sites now Carbon Neutral (adding 7 sites compared to 2019).
  • 787 communities empowered through Solidarity Sourcing program for ingredients (versus 670 communities in 2019).
  • 97% of new or renovated products have an improved environmental or social profile
  • 99% of ingredients are vegan

In addition, to help fight against the impact of plastic pollution Garnier has partnered with two NGO’s:

  • Ocean Conservancy – helping with the environmental impact of plastic pollution. 
  • Plastics For Change – helping with the social impact of plastic pollution.

The launch of Green Beauty also came with a wave of new Garnier product launches. Each new launch underpins the sustainable commitments of the brand: 

  • Garnier Ultra Doux Solid Shampoo: zero plastic waste, 97% biodegradable and recyclable packaging. 
  • Garnier Ultra Doux refill pouches & refillable bottle: An innovative ecosystem for your hair, helping to save up to 80% plastic
  • Garnier Bio Hemp, with new, patented cardboard-based packaging
  • Garnier Skin Active reusable Eco-Pads
  • Garnier Ambre Solaire Eco Designed protective milk: more sustainable suncare in partnership with Ocean Conservancy

Garnier is also rolling out Product Environmental & Social Impact Labelling worldwide. This aims to inform consumers on the environmental and social impact of their products empowering them to make more sustainable choices. Being trialed on haircare products, this labelling gives each product a sustainability score, from A to E, with products labelled ‘A’ considered best in class. The score takes into account 14 environmental factors from sourcing, manufacture, transportation, usage and recyclability. Data is verified by Bureau Veritas Certification, an independent auditor. 

About National Geographic:

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