MetaWeek in Dubai to Feature Avantgarde Metaverse and Web 3.0 Development and two Major NFT Showcases

  • During a week-long event the international community will converge to Dubai to cover the latest developments for blockchain, Metaverse, and art industries, and set trends for coming years.

United Arab Emirates, Dubai: Organized by NexChange Group, MetaWeek will run from 7th to 10th of March 2022. The week’s core event, MetaWeek Summit, is scheduled for March 8th and 9th and will take place at the Le Meridien Dubai Hotel & Conference Centre.

Over the course of two days, the conference will focus on Metaverse prospects, Gamification and GameFi, NFTs creation and marketing, blockchain applications and development, DeFi market nuances, investment strategies, security challenges, and many more.

Vlatko Gigov, CEO of says“Web3 offers an unprecedented opportunity to create a symbiosis between the digital and physical worlds, and the Metaverse is right in the middle of it. User experience and community participation in digital worlds are critical to advancing the philosophy of decentralization. Just as open-source did for the Internet, DAOs have the same ability to rally like-minded individuals and groups to add value to digital interoperable worlds. The all-encompassing factor, of course, is games. Games where publishers and players collaborate through DAO mechanisms to create the best gaming experiences while generating greater value for all.”

A special treat for all MetaWeek attendees will be displayed at a digital art collection showcase called “On the other side: new digital architecture in the age of metaverse”. The group of artists (Timo Helgert, Balkan Karisman, Marco Zagara, Julian Zett, Abstract Arc, Valeria Mata, Ruben Grig, Victoria Davydova, and others) explores the freedom of architectural imagination to create their own visual poetics of a virtual space, inspired by narratives of cyberpunk and sci-fi aesthetics. Chosen artists created unique dynamic artworks, each presenting its own little self-regulated world.

Also, a distinguished Women-led Curated Digital Art Collection featuring female artists from around the world will be presented on-site for attendees of the MetaWeek Summit.

Apart from the art application, Metaverse has become a trend for enterprises, tech giants, and professional associations on country levels. While the growing market retains myriads of possibilities, trends occur faster than ever before. The steady development of infrastructure becomes crucial to make experiences fluid and smooth.

“The perfect metaverse will allow its visitors to define their own experiences without fixed boundaries,” says Florian Krueger, CCO of “This opens up entirely new opportunities for companies to present themselves not as the “owners” of their clients, but as the facilitators of different learning, shopping, or life experiences. Imagine visiting a virtual world to attend a concert, but on the way passing by some nice gallery and on the way home meeting friends for karaoke. The enablers of such journeys will be deeply connected to their clients in a multitude of ways. Forget Multichannel, this is true Omnichannel and the resulting personalization combined with the safety and security of a blockchain-based solution will be expected by customers in 2023.”

MetaWeek’s other activities include:

  • NFT Artists and Music performances
  • Sessions focused on Women in the Metaverse and Blockchain
  • Side events and networking happening throughout the week
  • Investor’s meetings

All MetaWeek attendees will also get a unique NFT art toy created by Chiko.Roko — every ticket holder will receive the first NFT art toy after purchasing a conference ticket, and will be able to retrieve a special collection of up to 5 exclusive 3D toys for real-world and metaverses

About NexChange Group: NexChange Group is a venture builder and media platform specializing in Blockchain, FinTech, HealthTech AI, and Smart Cities.