Middle East patients visiting London will soon have access to pioneering proton beam cancer treatment

Proton beam
Proton beam
Proton beam

A pioneering cancer treatment that causes minimal damage to surrounding cells will soon be available for Middle Eastern cancer patients to use.

Advanced Oncotherapy, a global leader in proton therapy, is set to open the first proton-beam therapy unit of its kind in the heart of the world renowned, Harley Street Medical Area, London.

Proton beam therapy is a form of radiotherapy that uses an accelerated beam of protons to kill cancerous cells.

The unique way in which the proton beam travels through tissue results in only a small amount of energy being delivered along the path to the tumour. This means that most of the dose is delivered precisely to the cancerous tissue being targeted.

As a result, proton therapy overcomes one of the major limitations associated with conventional radiotherapy, irradiating healthy tissue leading to unwanted side effects, such as secondary tumours.

The therapy causes less damage to surrounding tissues and can target cancers that are difficult to reach or closely associated with sensitive structures such as the brain and spinal cord.

Historically, the use of protons to treat cancer has been limited by two factors – the immense size of the machines required and the cost to house the equipment. These limitations have led to the treatment becoming extremely exclusive and only available to a minority around the globe.

The new clinic, which is set to open in Harley Street, aims to overcome this by making the treatment more accessible and ultimately save more lives.

It will feature innovative and more clinically effective technology with the aim of making proton beam therapy significantly less expensive and more accessible for people living in the Middle East.

Dr. Sinclair, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Oncotherapy, said: “We understand the current cost limitations of proton beam therapy and we are committed to radically changing this trend.”

“Our aim is to make the treatment significantly less expensive so that Middle Eastern patients can come to Harley Street for treatment. Harley Street is the most prestigious medical address in the UK and recognised globally as a centre for medical excellence.”

The Harley Street Medical Area has been famed for its medical excellence in treating complex and life threatening conditions for over 200 years and continues to attract best-in-class clinics.

Behind its Georgian facades lies the latest in cutting edge medical technology and naturally it embraces the introduction of a proton beam therapy unit into the area.

The proton therapy centre in Harley Street will be just one of the world-leading clinics from the Harley Street Medical Area. The system manufacturer Advanced Oncotherapy will be attending Arab Health 2017 to showcase London’s medical excellence.

The Arab Health Exhibition and Congress is the largest healthcare event in the Middle East. It is taking place from 30th January to 2nd February at the Dubai International Convention & Exhibition Centre.

About Advanced Oncology:

Advanced Oncotherapy is a provider of particle therapy systems with protons that harnesses the best in modern technology. As a result, Advanced Oncotherapy will offer healthcare providers affordable systems that will enable them to treat cancer with an innovative technology providing better health outcomes and fewer treatment related side effects.

Advanced Oncotherapy’s team “ADAM” based in Geneva focuses on the development of a proprietary proton accelerator called Linac Image Guided Hadron Technology (“LIGHT”). LIGHT accelerates protons to the energy levels achieved in legacy machines but in a unit that is a fraction of the size and significantly lower in cost. This compact configuration delivers proton beams in a linear way that facilitates a greater precision and electronic control which is not achievable with older technologies.

The Company has signed two purchase agreements for the LIGHT proton therapy systems to be installed in hospitals in China. There are also four additional framework agreements and further Letters of Intent from other healthcare providers.

The Company has also signed a joint venture agreement with CircleHealth, owned by AIM-listed Circle Holdings plc, to operate the Company’s proton beam cancer therapy centre in Harley Street.

Advanced Oncotherapy continually monitors the market for any emerging improvements in delivering proton therapy and actively seeks working relationships with providers of these innovative technologies. Through these relationships, the Company will remain the prime provider of an innovative and cost-effective system for particle therapy with protons.

About Harley Street Medical Area:

Located in Marylebone in the heart of central London, the Harley Street Medical Area is home to over 2000 practitioners, small clinics and full-scale hospitals, covering just about every medical specialism and related profession.

Under the careful stewardship of the Howard de Walden Estate, the landowner, the Harley Street Medical Area maintains a reputation for offering the very highest standards of medical care and expertise and is notable for the sheer variety and excellence of services on offer in such an attractive and accessible setting.

Behind the area’s beautiful period façades lives a 21st century medical practice, complete with cutting edge equipment and state of the art facilities.