Middle Eastern Digital Fitness Moves Forward with UAE’s Newly Enhanced weightmonitor UAE App


The App is set to raise its ‘Series A’ funding to help capture the Middle East market

The prevalence of obesity due to unhealthy eating habits and poor lifestyle choices is on the rise in the region. With an aim to create a better and healthier tomorrow for its consumers, weightmonitor UAE, the region’s first weight monitoring app has redesigned its interface to be user-friendly and increasingly convenient for the Middle Eastern fitness and nutrition market.  weightmonitor UAE is a freemium mobile app meant for the time scarce modern generation that wants instant info about food and consequences of their food habits.

Signing up for weightmonitor UAE’s premium subscription provides its users with a dedicated personal nutritionist, a real-time motivational calorie-scoring tool, along with a highly informative nutritional e-learning course to help lose weight and stay fit. The app’s expert food tracker is supported by a Middle Eastern food database of over 6000+ types of meals and numerous physical activities to keep fitness levels raised. It even includes access to customised diet plans and consultation with expert nutritionists multiple times a day, an approach often overlooked by most fitness apps.

Talking about the revamped features of the app, Dev Khosla, Founder of weightmonitor UAE said, “We wanted to design an app that acts as a result based platform for our users where they can set goals, get instant real time scientific feedback to eat better and monitor the results. weightmonitor UAE goes beyond traditional calorie counting by helping you improve the quality of your calories eaten and not just count the calories you eat.”

With growing consumer awareness of the importance of health and fitness, seed fundings for health and fitness tech start-ups has been rising at a consistent pace in the last couple of years. The fitness-wellness industry is proclaimed to be the next sunrise sector. Considering all these factors, weightmonitor UAE has also decided to raise its ‘Series A’ funding in order to fuel its growth in fitness tech innovation.

For health and fitness enthusiasts looking to learn how to maintain and live a healthier lifestyle for life, weightmonitor UAE’s first app-based virtual weight-loss coach is available online on weightmonitor.ae and on iOS App Store, and Andriod Play Store.

About weightmonitor UAE:

weightmonitor is UAE’s 1st holistic nutrition based app where clients get access to a dedicated personal nutritionist along with a motivational scoring tool to help stay fit. WM offers you the ability to start a weight loss program, consult qualified and experienced nutritionists who provide a tailor-made diet plan based on your lifestyle and medical history, and a performance scoring card that motivates you to stay committed until and beyond you reach your goal. The services can be accessed from an iOS app, Android App, weightmonitor.ae.

weightmonitor’s weight loss programs have a unique and unmatched price point where customers can start a 3 month program at just AED 499 thereby helping save thousands of dirhams which would have otherwise made a visit to nutritionist in UAE too expensive.