Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology and EDGE Conduct the First CEO 4.0 training at the EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory

  • MoIAT and EDGE’s ‘Industry 4.0 Enablement Centre’ training programme aims to enhance factory processes and operations by empowering leaders to utilise Industry 4.0 solutions
  • 18 CEOs from the UAE’s top industrial companies receive Industry 4.0 and Operational Excellence training

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT) and EDGE Group PJSC (‘EDGE’ or the ‘Group’) have successfully conducted the first CEO 4.0 training programme as part of a series of initiatives to activate the ‘Industry 4.0 Enablement Centre’ within the Ministry’s initiatives to accelerate digital transformation. This follows the MoU agreement which was signed by the two parties in August 2022, which aims to expand the offerings of EDGE’s Learning & Innovation Factory to the UAE’s industrial ecosystem.

CEOs from some of the UAE’s largest industrial companies underwent a training course focused on Lean, Lean Digital, and Industry 4.0-related solutions at the EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory in Abu Dhabi. The one-day training sessions provided insights to manufacturing leaders on how to enhance and improve factory processes and operations in daily operations so to reach better efficiency and customer satisfaction. The training also served as a discussion platform for industrial leaders and experts, and a way to encourage companies to implement best practices.

Tariq Al Hashmi, Director of Technology Adoption and Development at the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology, said: “Education, training, and upskilling are critical elements of our strategy to increase the adoption of advanced technologies within the UAE’s industrial sector. Our partnership with EDGE will support the national industrial ecosystem to evolve and ensure that all its stakeholders are able to participate in and benefit from the UAE’s journey towards becoming a global hub for innovation and manufacturing. We look forward to welcoming more industry leaders in the future as we expand our efforts to support businesses on their digital transformation.”

The CEO 4.0 programme is part of both MoIAT and EDGE’s efforts to promote the adoption of advanced technologies and Industry 4.0 solutions in the UAE industrial sectors. The Ministry aims to empower national business leaders with knowledge on Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) technologies and practices, which can boost productivity, efficiency, and sustainability. Advanced technologies are key to the objectives of the UAE’s national industrial strategy, which aims to transform the UAE into a global manufacturing hub.

Ahmed Al Khoori, Senior Vice President – Strategy & Excellence, EDGE, said: “The CEO 4.0 programme is the first initiative that the EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory is hosting for external stakeholders, and is testament to our ambition to expand the facility’s offerings to, and enhance collaboration within, the wider industrial ecosystem. Our partnership with the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology demonstrates EDGE’s commitment to establishing the Learning & Innovation Factory as a centre of excellence.”

CEOs and senior executives from 18 companies completed the training including from ADNOC, Emirates Macaroni Factory, BRF Sadia, BRF, Gulf Extrusion LLC, Coca-Cola Gulf, RAK Ceramics, Ipack, FINE Hygienic Holding, Dana Steel, Algharbia Pipes, Lepidico, Emirates Global Aluminium, and Abu Dhabi Vegetable Oil Company.

The EDGE Learning & Innovation Factory combines theory, technology, and practice under one roof to drive improvements and inspire an innovative approach to encourage digital transformation and modernisation of operations. It provides trainees with experiential, gamified, and actionable learnings in line with the industry’s future requirements.

About the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology

The UAE’s Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology (MoIAT), established in July 2020, is mandated with strengthening the UAE’s industrial sector, specifically by accelerating the adoption of advanced technologies and Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) solutions across the value chain.

MoIAT has three overarching goals: Strengthening the UAE’s industrial base, ensuring in country value, and raising the competitiveness of local industries. By enhancing the contribution of advanced technology, the Ministry will support the country’s sustainable economic growth, and ensure GDP contribution from the industry sector.

The Ministry will draft policies, laws and programs to create a world-class industrial development framework for the nation that will help attract foreign direct investment, boost In-Country Value creation, support national entrepreneurship, drive job creation, and boost exports of ‘Made in UAE’ products.

From encouraging the establishment of industrial complexes to raising local capacity in advanced technology, the Ministry will accelerate industrial development in a bid to drive economic growth, diversification, value retention and national self-reliance.

About EDGE

Launched in November 2019, the UAE’s EDGE is one of the world’s leading advanced technology groups, established to develop agile, bold and disruptive solutions for defence and beyond, and to be a catalyst for change and transformation. It is dedicated to bringing breakthrough innovations, products, and services to market with greater speed and efficiency, to position the UAE as a leading global hub for future industries, and to creating clear paths within the sector for the next generation of highly-skilled talent to thrive. With a focus on the adoption of 4IR technologies, EDGE is driving the development of sovereign capabilities for global export and for the preservation of national security, working with front-line operators, international partners, and adopting advanced technologies such as autonomous capabilities, cyber-physical systems, advanced propulsion systems, robotics and smart materials. EDGE converges R&D, emerging technologies, digital transformation, and commercial market innovations with military capabilities to develop disruptive solutions tailored to the specific requirements of its customers. Headquartered in Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, EDGE consolidates more than 20 entities into four core clusters: Platforms & SystemsMissiles & Weapons, Electronic Warfare & Cyber Technologies, and Trading & Mission Support.