Mixed performance by regional markets during the week due to lack of catalysts and profit booking among investors


Abu Dhabi and Qatar ensure a positive month, while Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi are straddling the breakeven mark Al Masah Capital Reports

With further clarification on the long-awaited tax reforms, US markets reached another record high albeit with a modest increase relative to the previous week. Dow Jones ended the week up 0.98% while S&P500 ended it +0.85%. Crude ended the week slightly below the USD56 mark per barrel, sparing its highly correlated regional markets any aggressive downward movements.

Regional markets had a mixed performance during the week due to lack of catalysts and profit booking among investors. Egypt came in as the worst performer among its peers going down by 3.3%, with interest hovering around the USD/EGP which is currently in the 15.5-16 area after reaching highs of 19 following the devaluation. Saudi Arabia came in second among the losing team with 1.2% decline over the week with negative headlines on the much anticipated Aramco IPO valuation. UAE markets witnessed volatility in the penny/retail space while blue chips took a back seat, Dubai ending the week lower by 0.46% while Abu Dhabi was up by 0.22%.  Qatar had a modest upward tick of 0.98% over the week, backed by investors’ anticipation for a FTSE upgrade.

3 trading days left this coming week for February to close its books. Right now only Abu Dhabi and Qatar are comfortably in the green to ensure a positive month. Dubai, Kuwait and Saudi are straddling the breakeven mark so could easily be negative or positive at the close of the month. Egypt being down 3.6% on the month seems like negative territory is where it might end up unless we get a new wave of buying for the next 3 days.

Indexes Last WTD (%) MTD (%) YTD (%)
Dubai (DFMGI) 3,633.91 -0.46% -0.25% 2.92%
Abu Dhabi (ADSMI) 4,653.39 0.22% 2.30% 2.35%
Saudi (SASEIDX) 7,046.17 -1.19% -0.78% -2.28%
Kuwait (KWSE) 6,809.78 -0.22% -0.33% 18.47%
Egypt (EGX30) 12,240.53 -3.25% -3.41% -0.85%
Qatar (DSM) 10,925.40 0.98% 3.10% 4.68%
Bahrain (BHSEIDX) 1,349.31 1.93% 3.50% 10.56%
Oman (MSM30) 5,849.52 0.11% 1.27% 1.16%
TR GCC (Reuters) 213.20 0.19% 1.77% 5.23%
DJ MENA 532.65 -0.57% 0.81% 6.97%

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